Updated on 20th August 2017

Don't Let Your Industrial Internet of Things Project Fail
IOT Journal
The Industrial IoT (IIoT) brings new promises to the plant floor: lower operating costs, better visibility and improved overall equipment effectiveness ...

What is the hardest thing about medtech IoT?
Medical Design & Outsourcing
The medtech IoT space is fraught with decisions that can make or break a product launch. There are several points at which developers in the space ...

Access Controls on an IoT Network
I think we all understand that IoT devices are here, and here to stay. More and more things are becoming network-addressable, and there are lots of ...

Here Are IDC's 5 Top Worldwide IoT Platform Vendor 'Leaders'
According to IDC, an IoT platform is a commercial software product that combines connectivity capabilities, management of IoT endpoints, ingestion of ...

Who can regulate the IoT?
CSO Online
The Internet of Things (IoT) promises to simplify many aspects of life. It will also permeate every aspect of life, which has a lot of experts concerned.

Can US lawmakers fix IoT security for good?
Network World
The new IoT Cybersecurity Act of 2017 takes aim at the most egregious vulnerabilities that plague the market today.

ADB paper explores potential of IoT to transform the power sector in Asia-Pacific region
OpenGov Asia
The paper looks at the applications of IoT in the areas of asset performance management, operational optimisation and customer services and ...

Proposed IoT security standards face mixed reception among experts
IoT Institute
Proposed IoT security standards aim to minimize the risk from connected devices through restrictions on how the federal government procures the ...

3 Ways Entrepreneurs Are Making IoT More User-Friendly
The Internet of Things (IoT) is a rapidly evolving technology sector. As the popularity of connected devices increases with consumers, the number of ...

Internet of Things news of the week August 11, 2017
Stacey on IoT
IoT will change your job: The more data we gather from manufacturing operations, the more companies will have to empower their employees to act ...

Amplifying Processes Amidst a Digital Transformation
BW Businessworld
According to Gartner in 2016 “the IoT will help digital transformation but will take 5 to 10 years to gain mainstream adoption”. It was a sobering sight for ...

Facens Improves Its Smart Campus via RFID, Internet of Things
IOT Journal
The initiative employs a variety of technologies, including radio frequency identification (RFID) and Internet of Things (IoT), to achieve its goals.

London connects another 28000 street lights to wireless mesh controls
LEDs Magazine
The lights could eventually become part of an Internet of Things (IoT) scheme in which they help collect information on things like traffic, parking, noise, ...

8 Critical IoT Security Technologies
Electronic Design
The growth of IoT devices coupled with the rise in cyberattacks means that system ... This included core technologies, such as IoT authentication and IoT ... devices use non-standard and legacy communication protocols (think M2M) ...

ESB, Silver Spring plan national IoT network in Ireland
Telecompaper (subscription)
ESB Telecoms, subsidiary of Irish utility ESB, is working with Silver Spring Networks to develop a national Internet of Things (IoT) network across ...

UK: Atkins Signs Global Partnership with INRIX to Drive Data Insight into Transportation Infrastructure Projects
Parking Network
Atkins… has signed a global partnership agreement with INRIX, the world leader in connected car services and transportation analytics, which will enable traffic information from millions of miles of road to improve master planning, influence the design phase of transport modelling and meet the demands of new intelligent mobility opportunities

How the hospitality industry will profit from the IoT
Network World
The hospitality industry is well positioned to benefit from the IoT. That's because the IoT is poised to improve the customer experience while also ...

How IoT is Set to Transform Vehicle Management Space
IoT is indeed bringing about a transformation in fleet management. Ubiquitous connectivity and data harvested from individual vehicles now are ...

NCR commences deployment of Window 10 IoT at the ATM
NCR Corporation, (NYSE: NCR) a global leader in omni-channel solutions, today announced the deployment of Microsoft's Windows 10 Internet of ...

Advantech Teams Up on Transport IoT
Port Technology International
Leading provider of IoT solutions Advantech has partnered with UK M2M managed services provider Arkessa to improve services for IoT customers ...

Interview: Chinese bike-sharing scheme transforms European city experience
But in the 21st century, Chinese technology has made bicycles part of the Internet of Things (IOT). A young Chinese company, Mobike, has created a ...

How Small-Business Owners Should Be Using IoT
Thankfully, the internet of things (IoT) can actually help small-business owners streamline their processes and work more efficiently. Think of those 24 ...

BT and Telefónica back IoT transport projects
Mobile Europe
NEXT, which was established last year to focus on data analytics and IoT opportunities, has previously provided network data in transport planning ...

Congress to smart device makers: Your security sucks
Security on internet-connected devices hasn't kept pace with a market that is expected to grow to 20.4 billion IoT devices globally by 2020. Gadget ...

Wia, a cloud platform for IoT device developers, scores €750K seed funding
Wia, an Irish startup that offers a cloud platform to enable developers to turn various sensor-based hardware into fully fledged Internet of Things (IoT) ...

Flexible Devices Drive New IoT Apps
Printed and flexible electronics are becoming almost synonymous with many emerging applications in the IoT, and as the technologies progress so do ...

New IoT Bill Proposes Security Standards for Smart Devices
The Hacker News
New IoT Bill — Internet of Things Cybersecurity Improvement Act of 2017 — Proposes Security Standards for Internet-Connected Smart Devices.

Startup Waylay - The Ultimate Rules Engine For IoT?
StartUs Magazine
How would you describe Waylay in a few words? Waylay is a cloud-to-cloud integration platform for the Internet of Things (IoT). What that means in ...

Samsung shows how big it IoT aaS is
Samsung has launched its latest assault on the world of IoT, launching a brokering service for hardware manufacturers and service providers on its ...

The MULTOS Consortium, a group of international blue chip organisations responsible for the promotion and development of the MULTOS specifications, announced today that Device Authority, a global leader in Identity and Access Management (IAM) for the Internet of Things (IoT) is developing support for MULTOS to bring secure hardware technology to the IoT.