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Updated on 23rd February 2018

IoT: Sensor-as-a-service, run by blockchain, is coming
Network World
Telecommunications equipment maker Nokia has launched a turnkey, sensor-as-a-service offering for Internet of Things (IoT) networks. The idea behind the product is to provide a way for mobile network operators (MNOs), many of which use Nokia cell site equipment, to monetize existing infrastructure, ...
Blockchain and XaaS in one headline! Hits all the hype buttons. Ed.)

Arm announces integrated SIM chips to lower IoT deployment costs
Arm has announced its development of integrated SIM cards for cellular IoT devices. The new chips integrate SIM cards with microprocessor units and cellular radios into a single SOC. iSIM chips could enable widespread IoT deployment in areas where it was cost-prohibitive before—Arm says the ...
(iSIM - how can a Subscriber Identity Module be related to the Internet of Things?  Confus-Ed.)

Tech for Good: IoT can extend healthcare into the home
Michael Martin, a lifelong technologist, works in IBM Canada's Internet of Things (IoT) practice. His aim is to extend healthcare to the home, giving patients freedom and control over their medical care while empowering medical professionals with high quality data to provide better care.

Mobile IoT hits 41 networks; NB-IoT leads LTE-M
Mobile World Live
Momentum behind low power wide area technologies (LPWA) continues to grow, with more than 40 LTE-M and NB-IoT networks deployed globally and the latter standard chalking up the most number of rollouts, industry association GSMA announced. In a statement, the association revealed 23 mobile ...

Arm Introduces New Kigen Technologies To Improve IoT Security
Because managing so many billions of IoT-connected devices and the SIM cards inside of them are simply not workable Arm is working with the GSMA to deploy "iSIM" compliant solutions for IoT and is helping to consolidate many of the components that are currently necessary to deploy an IoT device ...

Google's Cloud IoT Core is now generally available
Cloud IoT Core, Google's fully managed service for connecting, managing and ingesting data from IoT devices, is now out of beta and generally available. Google envisions the service, which launched in public beta last September, as the first entry point for IoT data into its cloud. Once the data has been ...

How the IoT is Changing the Supply Chain Landscape
Material Handling & Logistics
One area poised to get “smarter” is the industrial Internet of Things (IoT), as smart manufacturing will drive manufacturers to new heights. The IoT has made it possible for manufacturers to better monitor, collect and analyze data, and many manufacturers have introduced smart manufacturing concepts ...

Flat field transistor meets IoT power, reliability needs
New Electronics
According to Semiwise, the IoT has stringent requirements for ultra low static and dynamic power in order to enable 'fit and forget' installation. The company also says that low chip costs will be a essential for broad range of IoT applications and this will focus attention on lower cost technologies such as ...

G+D Mobile Security Provides a Holistic Automotive Security Management Framework as a Service
At the Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona, G+D Mobile Security presents a holistic Automotive Security Management Framework as a Service (FaaS). This new concept provides comprehensive security features for new and evolving business models where connected car, mobility and autonomous driving services are being designed and monetized

Is the IoT backlash finally here?
Network World
Maybe not, but there have been rumblings of a backlash to the rise ofIoT for several years. Consumer and experts worry that the IoT may not easily fulfill its heavily hyped promise, or that it will turn out to be more cumbersome than anticipated, allow serious security issues, and compromise our privacy.

The IoT's Impact on the Future of Retail
More retailers are using the IoT to connect with consumers like this, which will ultimately revolutionize the way we shop—not just in Seattle, but all over the world. In fact, I'd say consumer demand has been heading in this direction for quite a while, and the IoT is giving retailers a way to catch up with their ...

Ignore the delivery hype, IoT will fuel explosive drone growth for business use
Information Age
IoT's ability to connect smarter homes and cities has improved quality of life for individuals and increased the bottom line for corporations. IoT connects people's appliances, cars, medical devices, weather instruments, factories, and retail environments. According to The Boston Consulting Group, B2B ...
(…and iot’ll even do the washing up for you. Jad-Ed.)

Northampton to commingle under 10-year Veolia deal
In Northampton, Veolia said that to improve collection efficiency it will be introducing its municipal smart technology known as 'ECHO' which tracks vehicles, confirms tasks, changes routes and adds collections into the system in real-time, enabling the delivery of a tailored service that can react to ...

City of London switches on energy efficient lighting strategy
It is vital that the City of London continues to invest in smart technology and infrastructure to maintain its position as a leading financial and business centre, as well as a leading cultural destination. "Light will be used to celebrate and safeguard our streets while enhancing the experience for the Square ...

Nokia and Tele2 sign strategic partnership to provide global IoT services
GlobeNewswire (press release)
Nokia and Tele2 IoT have signed a five-year agreement to enable the delivery of IoT services to Tele2 enterprise customers based on Nokia's worldwide IoT network grid (WING). Nokia WING will allow Tele2 IoT to rapidly and cost-effectively provide complete IoT services to its ...

Retail IoT: Why Vodafone's digital fitting rooms are a good fit for Mango
The Internet of Business (blog)
Chris Middleton reports on how the latest retail application of digital mirrors reflects a shift towards customer engagement and smart supply chains on the high street. That's why other retailers, such as US giant Neiman Marcus, are following Mango's example. Vodafone is working with high street fashion ...
(Ed. recalls that this virtual dressing concept was around over 20 years ago. Wasn’t called IoT then.)

Policy and Regulations in the IoT World
EE Journal
Watching the tech industry over the last few decades, it's easy to come to the conclusion that all of the inventions have come solely through the efforts of single-minded entrepreneurs determined to win, even if it means losing in the attempt. While lots of that has happened, this worldview, just like the ...

The Pharmaceutical Sector Is Witnessing a Transformation with IoT
The Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to revolutionize the pharmaceutical sector with its practical applications. It may facilitate and automate remote monitoring of patients and the discovery and access of drugs. IoT, combined with the spread of digitalization of data in pharmaceuticals, brings in ...

£3bn R&D boost for UK plc: Up, up and Huawei on the Science Park
Cambridge Independent
Huawei is developing its IoT offering having acquired Science Park-based Neul, says Huawei Cambridge CEO . Picture: Keith Heppell. Following the news that Chinese investment is being channelled into Trinity's £200million redevelopment comes confirmation that Chinese telecoms giant Huawei has ...
(Brexit no problem for Cambridge, then. Ed.)

NIST report presents overview of international cybersecurity standardisation for IoT
OpenGov Asia
The National Institute of Standards and Technology in the US recently released an interagency report on cybersecurity for the Internet-of-Things (IoT). The Interagency International Cybersecurity Standardization Working Group (IICS WG) was established in December 2015 by the National Security ...

MIT Has Developed a New Chip to Ensure Security of the IoT System
Sanvada Tech News (blog)
The Internet of Things (IoT), while the future of our world, has failed in terms of security. When it comes down to web blackouts, spam, phishing, and the broken internet, it's usually when someone managed to hack a smart device. Now, with the fast rise of the smart products, something bad is bound to ...

The future of IoT: Creating the “Internet of Me”
Mobile Business Insights (blog)
Billions of IoT devices are already connecting everyday objects — including our own bodies — to online technology, and the growth rate of these solutions is set to climb for the foreseeable future. Research from IHS Markit estimates that by the year 2030, there will be 125 billion IoT devices in active use ...

Blockchain's 'Transformative' Impact Potential
TV News Check
Blockchain's ability to help organizations cut costs and improve asset management is already generating a lot of interest. The media industry's experimentation with blockchain already includes tracking distribution of licensed music as well as the use of digital currencies to execute micro-payments for ...

Welcome to the Data-Driven Supply Chain
IOT Journal
Without access to data, this sort of analysis is difficult to impossible. Even if total trip duration is known, real-time visibility is necessary to determine exactly when and where along a route an issue is taking place. Internet of Things (IoT) tools give managers the data they need to isolate important variables ...

Google to acquire Xively IoT platform from LogMeIn for $50M
Google announced today that it intends to buy Xively from LogMeIn for $50 million, giving Google Cloud an established IoT platform to add to their product portfolio. In a blog post announcing the acquisition, Google indicated it wants to use this purchase as a springboard into the growing IoT market, ...

Small wake-up receivers could extend IoT sensor life
Network World
One of the potential hindrances to ubiquitous Internet of Things (IoT) take-up is related to how one should power the possibly billions of tiny sensors promised over time. Can one expect a homeowner to change out a hundred or so coin batteries every few years in, say, a networked system, for example?

Does the UK need an IoT regulator?
In 2015, it announced a £40m research fund for IoT, which supported several smart city initiatives in London and Manchester, among others. It has also committed to working with the National Cyber Security Centre and the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure to minimise the threat posed by ...

The Potential of Machine Learning and AI for Smart Buildings
IoT For All (blog)
Applying machine learning to smart buildings has the potential to completely change our relationship to the built environment. To understand how impactful this change could be, the current state of building controls needs to be understood. The systems that make a building comfortable, safe, and ...

Qualcomm Announces a New LTE IoT Software Development Kit in Support of the ...
PR Newswire (press release)
Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, today announced a new LTE IoT Software Development Kit (SDK) for the Qualcomm MDM9206 LTE IoT global multimode modem. This new LTE IoT SDK is designed ...

ROAMWORKS Partners with Aeris to Enhance Global IoT Connectivity for Remote Asset Monitoring
GlobeNewswire (press release)
Companies in industries, including transportation, oil and gas, and construction, will be able to remotely monitor their devices even in rural or remote locations now that end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provider ROAMWORKS has partnered with connectivity ...

Why IoT Implementation Begins With Mobile
Manufacturing Business Technology
In less than two years, IoT has gone from unfamiliar acronym to the latest buzzword for companies in almost every industry worldwide. And while IDC projected that international Internet of Things (IoT) spending would exceed $800 billion in 2017, future investment is expected to nearly double, totaling ...

NEWSBYTE: ARM launches scalable chips for IoT machine learning
The Internet of Business (blog)
Semiconductor and software giant ARM has announced a new range of scalable processors designed to deliver enhanced machine-learning capabilities to IoT devices. The Softbank-owned company, which counts Apple, Samsung, drone maker DJI, and FitBit among those who rely on its architecture, ...

Particle Mesh Launches to Expand Real IoT Everywhere
PR Newswire (press release)
Particle, the most widely used Internet of Things (IoT) platform, today announced Particle Mesh, its next generation hardware unlocking developer access to mesh networking technology. With Particle Mesh, networks can cover more ground and capture ...

IoT battery life drastically lengthened by ultrasound wakeup call
E&T Magazine - The IET
Waking up IoT devices using inaudible ultrasound patterns could drastically improve standby battery life according to a team at Stanford University.

LL Bean to embed data-gathering sensors in coats, boots
Retail Dive
L.L. Bean plans to sell coats and boots with Internet of Things sensors embedded in them that will be able to collect data, and send it to an Ethereum blockchain system, allowing the retailer to analyze data related to temperature, movement and how often customers wear and wash the clothing, among ...

Your guide to solving IoT integration challenges
TechGenix (blog)
It is very clear that there is tremendous faith and interest in IoT. Considering the applications it can help enterprises realize, that is totally understandable. However, most enterprises underestimate the complexities that IoT integration can bring to traditional IT infrastructures. For starters, the kinds and ...

Six challenges facing blockchain and IoT convergence
TechTarget (blog)
The paramount technical challenge facing distributed ledger technology, or DLT, and IoT convergence is the ability to scale to meet service and security requirements across a dynamic network of devices. These requirements aren't just precautions; they are foundational to running IoT in mission-critical, ...

Perfect storm blows healthtech towards IoT cures
The Internet of Business (blog)
A perfect storm of societal changes and converging technologies is driving both innovation and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity in the healthtech sector, says a new report. In this hyper-competitive market, it will be “imperative for healthcare and medical systems to innovate and provide improved ...

Government urged to incentivise homes for an ageing population
The Engineer
Government should commit to modernising UK building design and construction regulations, and create a kitemark for cognitive houses which use smart technology to assess and manage an individual's needs. This will help stimulate industry to grow the market for age-friendly homes. Initiating new ...
NHS to design 'healthy homes' which nag families into good habits
Housing developers will be asked to embed smart technology throughout new homes, to allow remote monitoring of those with health conditions, with results sent directly to GPs and hospitals. New-build homes will contain movement sensors and other smart tech linked to a tablet computer. Exercise and ...

Google Doubles Down On Smart Home Hardware
Mobile ID World
Google is doubling down on its recent shift to hardware with the announcement that it is combining its internal hardware team with that of Nest, which Google acquired in 2014. Google Doubles Down On Smart Home Hardware. As Fast Company reports, in the years immediately following the acquisition, ...

Machine Learning Helps IoT Deliver a New Channel for a Better, More Secure Payments Experience
IOT Journal
For some industries, the growing creation and adoption of IoT devices equates to the need to further develop and execute strategies to detect and deter fraud. Enter adaptive behavioral analytics and real-time machine learning. When looking at how behavioral analytics can assist with risk-mitigation ...

IoT 'to create 20% of telco revenue by 2025', says Huawei
Capacity Media
Telecoms operators will be making 20% of their total revenue from the internet of things (IoT) by 2025, believes Chinese equipment vendor Huawei. The company said yesterday that operators' revenue from IoT will grow to $38 billion in 2020 from 3.8 billion connections and $400 billion in 2025 from 33 ...

DIT of Moscow Implements IoT Monitoring of 22000 Communal Vehicles From Today
Irish Tech News
Today the Department of Information Technologies of Moscow (DIT) has announced completing the implementation of a unified IoT platform for monitoring and controlling over 22,000 communal vehicles: street sweepers, snowplow and waste trucks, water carts, etc. With the launch of ...

Intel targets IoT devices, self-driving cars with new chip
Technology firm Intel Corporation has launched a new chip aiming to power up applications that can process data on the device itself instead of using the cloud. Named Intel Xeon D-2100, the processor is designed for zero-lag Edge computing, so called because it computes data at the edge of the ...

Smarter homes for older people could save NHS and social care system over £2.5 billion a year
In addition to these simple modifications, the report also outlines the potential for new markets in smart technology to tackle our existing inadequate housing stock. The report calls for construction companies to be required to include a significant proportion of older people in their product design teams ...

Connected Car, IoT Emerge as Key Revenue Drivers in NXP Fiscal Update
Mobile ID World
Emerging opportunities in the automotive and connected devices markets have been key driving forces in NXP Semiconductor's business over the past year, and are likely to grow in importance going forward, suggest the company's Q4 and full-year results for 2017. Connected Car, IoT Emerge as Key ...

4 ways IoT data is decreasing commercial food waste
Placing sensors at food source points of origin, distribution points, and on trucks, trains, and planes was first wave of IoT, big data, and analytics deployment to stop the waste. This definitely helped with food track and trace and it also favorably impacted waste—but industry practitioners didn't feel it was ...

Making Sense of the IoT Market
No Jitter
It's time to stop gazing starry-eyed at IoT; this is a real opportunity, and the IT industry has to start gearing up for the challenge. This is the first of several pieces I intend to be contributing over the next few months on the subject of Internet of Things (IoT). While network gurus today spend their time wresting ...