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Updated on 24th April 2019

Aerospace manufacturer in”world first” global IoT wi-fi trials
The Business Desk
Aerospace manufacturer in”world first” global IoT wi-fi trials ... with the “world's first” Wi-Fi 6 Industrial Enterprise and Internet of Things (IoT) trial.

Tips for improving IoT design success
Electronic Products & Technology
Developing a new IoT-ready device leads to challenges for even the most experienced design engineers. The successful integration of an IoT edge ...

CHARIoT: CHip ARrangement for IoT
James Dyson Award
CHARIoT is a self-powered wireless sensor node, architecturally versatile and modular to enable rapid redesign and deployment for a variety of ...

Vodafone says agriculture, health and transport dominate IoT in Ireland
Vodafone Ireland has revealed that the number of global connections for its internet of things (IoT) technology in Ireland has grown 35pc year on year.

The Brave New World of Health-Care IoT Is Enticing—But Proceed With Caution
RFID Journal
The Internet of Things (IoT) may be the biggest buzzword in digital since the mainstream introduction of the Web browser in 1993. Throughout the past ...

The Transport Hub brings IoT to logistics
Be it tracking the maintenance of your vehicle (like changing a tyre or insurance renewal) or getting reports on vehicle efficiency and other data, ...

How Does The Express Logic Acquisition Help Microsoft And The IoT Ecosystem
On April 18th, Microsoft has announced the acquisition of Express Logic, a San Diego-based embedded software company, for an undisclosed sum.

IoT Crossroads: design, manufacturing, and supply chains will converge
Design World Network
Here are some key ways manufacturers can control and improve new product development and introduction processes in the age of IoT. Scott Reedy ...

BP and Schneider Electric Sign Five-Year Global Agreement
“Our IoT-enabled EcoStruxure architecture and platform enables our customers to rethink traditional approaches when it comes to how they design, ...

IoT news of the week for April 19, 2019
Stacey on IoT
Alexa gets 2M ad-supported songs: The most commonly used smart speaker feature is listening to music, so it only makes sense that Amazon bring its ...

Keys to a Successful IoT Deployment
There's no question that the Internet of Things (IoT) is going to shape the future of virtually every industry. Like the personal computer, the internet, and ...

Free Princeton Application Provides IoT Traffic Insight
Dark Reading
A project at Princeton University is studying IoT devices used in homes and, in the process, has developed a tool that can give individuals a great deal ...
(Sounds interesting: Ed.)

A Guide to Rules Engines for IoT: CEP Engines
Check out this guide to rules engines for IoT where we focus specifically on CEP engines, what they are, and how to build logic.

Intel's exit from the 5G phone space places an even bigger bet on the IoT
Business Insider
Semiconductor giant Intel announced that it will exit the 5G smartphone modem business to focus on its other lines of business, including the IoT as ...

HID Global Partners with Device Authority for Enterprise IoT Security
Mobile ID World
HID Global is teaming up with Device Authority to make it easier for enterprises to secure and manage a large number of IoT devices. The new ...

An interview with Nick Wright, Head of Manufacturing Industries, Digital Catapult
The Internet of Business
Advanced digital technologies, including IoT, have the benefit of removing workers from challenging or dangerous environments in sectors such as oil ...

Internet Of Things And Its Potential In The Banking Industry
Internet of Things (IoT) lets companies become smart, time-saving, ... The banking industry now sees the widespread use of M2M technologies, ...

How IoT Condition Monitoring Maintains Machine Health
Robotics Business Review
Manufacturers are increasingly turning to IoT-driven machine condition monitoring, which helps reveal equipment issues that can affect the quality of ...

The Internet of Things and the Cloud
IoT Evolution World (blog)
Because activities like storage and data processing take place in the cloud rather than on the device itself, this has had significant implications for IoT.

Newcastle using middleware to simplify city-scale IoT
IoT Hub
The City of Newcastle will use National Narrowband Network Co's (NNNCo) middleware and device certification program to simplify IOT rollouts ...

Eclipse IoT survey reveals growing role for Linux and Arm
Eclipse IoT survey reveals growing role for Linux and Arm ... The results of the Eclipse Foundation's 2019 IoT Developer Survey are out, ... Two out of three respondents said their organizations are either deploying Internet of Things ...

Seven reasons why Bluetooth is perfect for the Industrial IoT
We wanted to shine a light on this, so have come up with seven reasons why those designing Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) systems and networks ...

Three ways that smart technology is shaping the future of fashion
The website is interfaced with The Drop's factory in China, so that once an order is placed, it goes directly to a smart card located on the shop floor.

Robot receptionists aren’t the answer: Why the hotel industry should rethink its approach to smart technology
Daily Sentinel
Hotels have been clamouring for technological innovation recently, but this is coming at the expense of protecting guests’ privacy and security.

Siemens: No Coding Needed For MindSphere IoT With New Integration
Siemens is making it easier for channel partners to develop industrial Internet of Things applications on its MindSphere platform, thanks to a new ...

Case study: Downer EDI implements Azure IoT to support predictive train maintenance
Which-50 (blog)
Integrated services company Downer EDI has deployed a Microsoft Azure intelligent solutions which ingests sensor data from a fleet of Waratah trains ...

Why securing the Internet of Things is crucial to the Fourth Industrial Revolution
World Economic Forum (blog)
The Internet of Things (IoT) is set to revolutionize our world and is already having a significant impact in many areas of our day-to-day lives. But what ...

Telia Finland deplys IoT energy system for Helsinki buses
Telia Finland announced that it's working with the bus company Pohjolan Liikenne on intelligent bus services in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

A New Generation of Connected Devices
Thrive Global
It shouldn't then come as a surprise that the embedded SIM (eSIM), one of the biggest enablers of cellular IoT, is set to reach 420 million units annually ...

Digital transformation can deliver a golden future for the UK
Civil Service World
The delivery of advanced 5G services could add as much as US$565bn to global GDP between 2020 and 2034 according to the GSMA, a global ...

Tech giants oppose bill to outlaw unauthorised IoT device recordings
A bill proposing the outlawing of unauthorised IoT audio recordings has been weakened following significant lobbying efforts from tech firms including ...

Will 5G play a role in IoT security?
The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow as more and more devices, sensors, assets, and other "things" are connected and share data. Still, many ...

How IoT is helping retailers boost customer engagement
The Paypers (press release) (blog)
The Internet of Things continues to gain momentum in the technology ... New IoT technologies are helping retailers boost customer retention by ...

Cloud-based IoT platform delivers predictive maintenance for Sydney's train fleet
Computerworld Australia
Infrastructure services company Downer and Microsoft have revealed details of an Azure-based IoT platform delivering predictive maintenance ...