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Updated on 12th October 2018

Retail IoT: Walmart's IoT patent filing might be the creepiest ever
Network World
At this point, most people are aware that cameras may be watching them wherever they go in public — especially in retail establishments. But if a ...

Constellation of IoT Antennas to Provide Global Coverage
But what about global Internet of Things (IoT) coverage? Is it possible, or even desirable, to provide low-bandwidth coverage for remote areas?

Standard Chartered, Huawei partner to develop IoT solution for lending
The Paypers
Standard Chartered and Huawei have announced the development of a IoT powered solution to enable corporates’ communication with banks for financing.

Secure Micro with BLE Safeguards Contactless Payment Systems
From grocery stores to restaurants, contactless payment systems are providing a fast, convenient way to take care of the bill. The prevalence of smartphones and wearable devices, along with technologies like radio-frequency identification (RFID) and near-field communication (NFC), are indeed transforming the point-of-sales (POS) landscape. Conducting payments using smartphones and wearables could just be the start as the internet of things (IoT) becomes more prevalent in our everyday lives.

Adding AI To The IoT
The Internet of Things is about to undergo a radical change, fueled by vast ... The IoT today encompasses a long list of vertical markets, all of them ...

The Future of MEMs and IoT
IoT For All (blog)
Then there are RFID, Bluetooth, and WiFi sensors for connectivity, as well as ... The Internet of Things (IoT) can leverage several core functions and ... Or consider an asset tracking solution in which there may be an extremely large ...

Mobile and IoT firm expands into Ireland
Insider Media
A provider of mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) services has vowed to invest €20m in an Irish expansion, starting with a Galway office that will create ...

Case Study: Leveraging the SIM to Secure IoT Services
Mobile network operators use SIM Cards (UICC cards as defined by 3GPP/ETSI) to authenticate devices accessing their networks and services.

How Encryption is Powering the Future of IoT
IoT For All (blog)
The Internet of Things (IoT)—wearables, smart home applications, autonomous vehicles, smart cities, agriculture—has created a new landscape.

Spray-on antennas will revolutionize the Internet of Things
Network World
In what could be a giant leap for Internet of Things (IoT) form factors, scientists say they have invented a spray-on antenna. And the bug-spray-like ...

The Takeoff of the IoT in Radiology
Imaging Technology News (press release) (blog)
Among others, the internet of things (IoT) comes into play in the form of smart medical devices and wearables, with the ability to collect varied and ...

The fundamentals of securing the corporate IoT
SecurityWorldMarket UK
An unstoppable force that is reshaping the factory, office and home, the Internet of Things provides a vast array of benefits and one major worry - security.

Smart speakers starting to drive next era of digital
Years usually pass before the world realises a technology breakthrough actually happened and it catches on; the voice user interface might just have arrived at that watershed moment.

Steak & chips: how IoT and machine learning will disrupt risk in animal insurance
On the face of it, the connection between the internet of things ( IoT) and animals is not an obvious one. However, a number of trials and larger-scale ...

Global body launches IoT interoperability certification (press release) (blog)
A certification scheme has been launched today to ensure devices that form part of large outdoor smart city networks, smart grids and other internet of ...

Spray-On Antennas and Low-Cost Sensors Are Making IoT Ubiquitous
Engineers at Drexel University's Wireless Systems Laboratory have developed antennas, transmission lines and RFID tags that are less than one ...

GlobalPlatform Simplifies Implementation of Standardized IoT Device Security
GlobalPlatform via iseepr
GlobalPlatform, the standard for secure digital services and devices, has published a configuration that simplifies the implementation of Secure Element (SE) specifications for the protection of internet of things (IoT) devices.

Kit Offers a Simpler Path to Cellular IoT Cloud Access
Electronic Design
Connectivity remains a requirement and challenge for IoT developers. Renesas' Synergy AE-CLOUD2 Kit (see figure) is designed to ease the job of ...

AT&T unveils edge-to-edge blockchain solutions for IoT – is it a winner?
Utilizing our global network and IoT capabilities, AT&T enhances blockchain by providing edge-to-edge solutions that automate the tracking and that ...

SoftBank Launches World's First Experimental Services in Commercial Environment Using NIDD ...
Global Banking And Finance Review (press release)
NIDD is a new technology that enables users to transmit data to IoT devices without allocating an IP address. By not using an Internet protocol in ...

IoT news of the week for Sept. 28, 2018
Stacey on IoT
Amazon wants a voice in homebuilding: Typically, Amazon's Alexa Fund invests in voice technology startups, but now Amazon has a foot in the door of ...

The Future of Restaurateurs Depends on IoT
Perle Systems
Restaurant owners are feeling the IoT revolution right now. According to Upserve, 32% of restaurateurs admit that they're behind the times when it ...

Industrial IoT faces big challenges
Network World
Future cellular Internet of Things (IoT) networks are going to be expected to deliver much lower latency and significantly higher reliability. Getting to ...

"Most sophisticated" Torii botnet targeting IoT devices
Avast's threat labs team has discovered “the most sophisticated botnet that they have ever seen” and it is targeting IoT devices. The new IoT malware ...

Knutsford firm boosted by IoT success
Insider Media
A Knutsford-based technology and home automation company has expanded after capitalising on the Internet of Things (IoT) movement. Intecho has ...

'IoT is the fastest growing force affecting PKI planning and evolution' – Thales
Information Age
The IoT has emerged, along with the cloud, as the greatest disruptor to the future of PKI planning, as organisations increasingly relying on it as a core ...

IoT security fundamentals
IFSEC Global
If you keep track of the latest cybersecurity news, you might have noticed the growing number of IP camera botnets emerging, vulnerabilities in smart ...

5 Ways IoT Can Shape the Future of Utilities at Home
Implementing IoT can have a significant impact on the way energy is used and managed which will in turn help to relieve the stress on energy demand.

EON and Microsoft use AI and IoT in new smart home system
Power Engineering International
German energy giant E.ON has teamed with Microsoft to launch what it claims will be “the next step in smart home technology”. The companies have ...

Vodafone opens 5G, IoT innovation hub in Manchester
RCR Wireless News
U.K.-based telecom group Vodafone has inaugurated its 5G and internet of things center, dubbed 'The Landing,' in Manchester. The new facility ...

One Ledger to Rule Them All? What Does an IoT with Blockchain Look Like?
The Internet has always fundamentally been about connecting humans to one another. Now, the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) is shifting that ...

Kerlink supports advanced IoT project in Scotland
Kerlink, a specialist in solutions dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT), has been selected as hardware and software provider for a new nationwide, ...

The IoT-Powered Rethink For Manufacturing: From Sales To Servitization
One secret of the company's recent success: It has leveraged the power of predictive analytics, IoT and machine learning and applied it in the service ...

Half of UK businesses see IoT as vital for success - Vodafone study
More than half (58%) of UK business leaders believe it is essential to embrace Internet of Things (IoT) technology to be successful, according to the ...

How can the IoT transform the sports business?
The business of sports is continuously evolving – from fan expectations and venue operations to player insights and analytics. Having instant access ...

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi IoT connectivity without programming
eeNews Europe
Designed to help developers get IoT applications connected and running in a day, with no software development necessary, Silicon Labs' Wireless ...