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Updated on 12th April 2018

Securing IoT Devices in the Increasingly Connected Hospital System
That said, the main users around healthcare and IoT devices aren't actually going to be young people. Rather, an aging population is going to be embracing these new systems quite a bit more. Not only can these types of tools provide truly personalized experiences, they can also allow healthcare ...

How an Aging Population Will Revolutionize IoT and Edge Solutions
We've been hearing a lot about IoT and edge solutions. We've even discussed it here, where edge can really help with things like telemedicine and evolving a distributed healthcare ecosystem. That being said, it's important to really look at some real-world use-cases and discuss the ...

UK government begins search for 5G test city to trial AR, VR, IoT
The UK government has started a search for a city to serve as a large-scale testbed for wireless 5G infrastructure, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport announced Friday. The UK's 5G testbed city will trial initiatives to make the city more safe, green, efficient, and attractive to visitors.

Alibaba IoT Platform Partners with NXP for Automotive
EE Times
AliOS, the operating system for IoT solutions developed by China's Alibaba Group, has entered into a partnership with NXP to install the AliOS system and NXP's automotive infotainment solution in "millions of vehicles" in China by 2020. The collaboration will help build a smart cockpit ...

Prep Your Campus Network for Internet of Things Devices
EdTech Magazine: Focus on Higher Education
For most IT managers, the simplest solution is a second, poorly secured Wi-Fi SSID that's dedicated to IoT devices. Typically, this will be protected by WPA2-PSK, with password changes no more than once a year. That's weak security, but remember that IoT traffic should not be considered sensitive in ...

Lanarkshire 'smart fuel' specialist wins major IoT contract with Nottingham City Transport
Bellshill-based fuel management firm, FUELlink Systems, has secured a contract to install smart data collection devices on bio-gas buses in Nottingham as part of a new deal with Nottingham City Transport. The buses are able to integrate with an Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled device called 'VINIE', ...

Robust IoT chip orders filling 8-inch fab capacities
Strong demand for Internet of Things (IoT) related chips is filling China- and Taiwan-based pure-play foundries' 8-inch fab capacities, according to industry sources. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) has seen its 8-inch fab capacity fall short of demand prompting its clients mainly ...

Synthetic sensors simplify IoT development
Find out how a new programming abstraction for sensors known as synthetic sensors could simplify IoT app development, especially for industrial IoT situations.

Shut Out Cybercriminals by Making IoT Devices Hard to Hunt
IoT Evolution World (blog)
To hunt prey, predators must first scope out the target's surroundings and everyday activity— something cybercriminals are all too familiar with when it comes to hacking connected/IoT (Internet of Things) devices in the home. While it's tough to pinpoint which specific devices are the least secure, hackers ...

Internet of Battle Things: a militarized IoT where "cognitive bandwidth constraints" require ...
Boing Boing
Alexander Kott is chief of the Network Science Division at the Army Research Laboratory; in a new paper, he rounds up several years' worth of papers that he wrote or co-authored, along with some essays and articles by others, on what an "Internet of Battle Things" will look like. Kott describes a future in ...

Vending Alliance and Sierra Wireless Smarten Up Vending with IoT
RTInsights (press release) (blog)
Sierra Wireless' Smart SIM and AirVantage IoT Platform have been selected to digitalize the world's largest vending network. Device-to-cloud IoT solution provider Sierra Wireless has been selected by the International Vending Alliance (IVA) to digitize their network. The IVA is the largest vending ...

This company pairs science with IoT connectivity to kill bed bugs in hotels
It's been said before: sometimes technology is a solution in search of a problem. The tech-obsessed believe that technology for technology's sake is enough to merit its usage. While this certainly works in some circles, that's not often a mentality shared by hoteliers. Resource-sensitive hoteliers know that ...
(Hey, a bug-free program at last. Ed.)

Telit Expands European IoT Leadership in Smart Cities, Smart Grids and Alarm Security with ...
PR Newswire (press release)
Telit, a global enabler of the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced a strategic partnership with the AddSecure Group, which provides customers across Europe with IoT solutions for smart cities, smart grids, alarm security and other mission-critical applications.

Framework for an IoT Developer Kit
RFID Journal
The Internet of Things (IoT) offers both new opportunities and challenges to developers. Just as the last decade saw a boom in mobile application development, in which talented developers hit home runs with things like fitness and e-commerce apps, the next decade will belong to IoT developers.

Telefónica to integrate IoT devices into Microsoft Azure
Telefónica and Microsoft Azure IoT have just announced a collaboration agreement. The two companies will be working together in three main areas, which include product integration, joint go-to market, and innovation. Telefonica says that today's IoT solutions are fairly mainstream, from the consumer's ...

The Top 5 IoT Technology Trends that Are Changing the Homeowning Experience
IoT Evolution World (blog)
As the price of sensors continue to fall and applications increase, IoT devices will become ubiquitous throughout the home over the next five to 10 years. This influx of sensors will dramatically change how we relate to our homes, too. Instead of simply serving as a physical structure we return to every day, ...
(…and sensor prices need to come down.  Most of them are currently a complete rip-off. Ed.)

Continental Uses IoT to Make Truck Tires Intelligent
IoT Evolution World (blog)
Continental, a Connected transportation technology company, automotive supplier, and premium tire manufacturer, is helping to make the world's roads safer using the Internet of Things (IoT), according to a recent announcement. The company's new digital tire monitoring platform, ContiConnect, ...

PKI: Helping IoT device makers trust their supply chain
TechTarget (blog)
We already know that public key infrastructure is going to be the future of securing IoT devices; this is because PKI can be implemented in a relatively lightweight fashion on different classes of devices. It will help to identify and secure devices by limiting the number of opportunities for bad actors to hack ...

$570 million IoT goldmine waiting to be tapped by NZ agri sector
IT Brief NZ
Cutting-edge Internet of Things (IoT) technology is set to have a profound impact on the productivity of the nation's agricultural sector. The New Zealand IoT Alliance's executive director Kriv Naicker says a major study into the potential benefits of IoT last year found that the better use of IoT across ...

How 5G technology can play crucial role in agricultural growth and smart cities initiative
Gadgets Now
The first case shows how IoT networks with sensors can save lives through disaster monitoring and early warning systems, while the farming solution uses artificial intelligence to monitor temperature, humidity and CO2 levels to maintain greenhouse ventilation and ideal crop-growing conditions.

Future of IOT in the Manufacturing Industry
IIOT is one of the spokes to the technology hub that is driving the wheel of fourth industrial revolution. That's in fact quite critical one as businesses would be able to have operational visibility to make instant and effective decisions to boost quality and optimize cost and time. For consumer-based ...

Just Because It's Connected, Doesn't Mean It's Smart
IOT Journal
At ReadWrite, we used to say that just because something has an app, that doesn't mean it is connected—and just because it's connected, that doesn't mean it's smart. The first wave of IoT home devices went along the lines of apps equaling connectivity. But all those connected lightbulbs and smart ...

Sensors in public spaces can help create cities that are both smart and sociable
UNSW Newsroom
Smart technology can help to transform the traditional user experience and enhance the capacity of public open space to support 21st-century city living. Think, for instance, of additions such as Wi-Fi or plugin points for laptops and phones. Cities around the world are exploring how technology can ...
(Mmm: not convinced: Ed.)

The future of enterprise IoT
Network World
As enterprise IoT grows, I was interested in what use cases would take hold first. Karen Panetta, an IEEE Fellow and dean of Graduate Engineering Education at Tufts University, looked to consumer applications like “deep learning on household security monitoring and energy consumption information.

Chinese aces join roll-out of Cambridge IoT protocol
Business Weekly
Chinese LPWAN and Advanced Metering Infrastructure specialist Bridging Science has fortified the international roll-out of the Cambridge-born Weightless SIG initiative which is developing crucial open standard IoT connectivity technology. Bridging Science has joined the Weightless SIG in a board ...
(Weightless: watch that space: Ed.)

Industrial IoT: Consortium sets out new IoT security benchmarks
The Internet of Business
The Industrial Internet Consortium maturity model sets out practical ways to achieve better IoT security via a benchmarking and maturity process. The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) has launched a new white paper setting out guidance for organisations that are seeking to secure Internet of Things ...