Smart Card Club

Founded in 1993 by Richard Poynder, The Smart Card Club is a professional association which has rapidly established itself as the premier forum for education, debate and promotion of all aspects of smart technology and related, standards, applications and schemes.

Club Objectives

  • To promote the adoption of smart technology where relevant, under suitable standards
  • To educate members as to the latest technology, standards and applications
  • To learn of smart technology applications and developments globally
  • To enable scheme operators to meet suppliers, in a non-sales environment.

Club Services

  • Meetings are of a full day's duration, with highly qualified session leaders
  • Access to (and where relevant, entry into) the Smart Card Supplier Directory
  • Up-to-date smart technology, M2M, NFC mobile, biometrics, and RFID-related news through our daily newsletter emailed newsfeed SmartExpress
  • Standards documentation
  • Product and company information
  • Workshops and training events
  • Global memberships for all associated affiliates and societies world-wide
  • Independent consultancy service
  • 'SmartexMoves' smart card-based recruitment service
  • Hot-line support from the Club offices
  • Website services for all member organisations - including receipt of all meeting presentations

Club Membership
Club membership is open to all companies, organisations and individuals interested in or concerned with smart cards and related technology, whether as suppliers, advisers, consultants, existing or potential scheme operators or end users.  There are several levels of membership available, dependent upon the degree of involvement or interest in the technology and its applications.