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  • Smart Payments Forum

    The SPF is designed for individuals and organisations that share an interest in the emerging new world of commercial, micro, e- and m-payments. This is a pivotal time in the overall payments evolution, with a huge number of challenges and barriers to national adoption and usage, and in general a great lack of uniformity or standardisation. We encourage you to become part of this Forum, in order to learn about what's happening and also to network with others affected by the ways by which small and large payments will be made in future - particularly over the internet and through the medium of mobile devices. Quarterly meetings will combine news, education, networking and sharing of experiences, as always within the friendly and convivial Smartex meeting style that has proved so successful since 1993.

  • 2016 Meetings

    Smartex Forum meetings, whilst planned in advance in terms of overall themes, are designed to cover important topics of the moment, whether technical or operational.

    A number of subject areas have already been identified as being relevant for consideration and debate during 2016.  These are set out below, within each of our Forums.  They are naturally subject to change, depending upon the status of the various market sectors at the time of the meetings.

    The SPF meets quarterly.  Meeting subjects are selected by its Steering Group.  Amongst the topics and activities that we are likely to be addressing are:

    • New innovations in commercial payments
      • Cross-border payments; e-Invoicing; e-Procurement; GPS eProcurement Card Framework
      • Data protection and e-money regulations
      • Voice of the supplier/merchant
      • Merchant acceptance
      • Marketplace technology
      • Buyer-initiated payments
      • Single-use payments
    • New innovations in consumer payments
      • Tokenisation
      • Alternative and disruptive payments
    • E-payments
      • Internet payments; m-payments; micropayments; E-wallet; Paypal; EMV & Chip&PIN
    • New stakeholders in the payments game
    • The impact of PSD2
    • Developments in B2B
      • Integrating payment with couponing/loyalty
    • Developments in B2C
    • Developments in T&E
    • The future for Purchasing Cards, Prepaid cards, fuel cards, meeting cards, gift cards etc.
    • Developments in Central & Local Government banking and payments
    • Card personalisation and issuance in a mobile world
    • Security, authentication and fraud
      • Payment security and authentication; Payment-related fraud; Case studies on fraud detection and prevention; PCI-DSS
    • Payment acceptance terminals: types and future

    Meeting Agendas and Dates

  • How to join

    Smartex Forums are membership-based with an in-advance membership fee structure designed to suit the entire range of interests in smart technology, biometrics, smart payments, prepaid, RFID tags, M2M and NFC, and to accommodate differing time and budgetary resources.

    Comprehensive information about member services and benefits, and about Forum subjects and plans for the next year are provided in the 11 sub-sections listed below. These include details of how to join, and a membership application form.

    If you have any questions or comments about membership, please don't hesitate to contact the Smartex office on +44(0)1440 712610, or at, and we will do our best to help you.

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