TRUSTECH 2016 (Cartes as was)

Cannes, France: 29th November – 1st December 2016

Annual Smartex trip: 28th – 30th November 2016

We are delighted to be able to offer a great deal both for Smartex members and non-members for another legendary annual trip to Trustech (formerly Cartes).

Because most of you will choose to fly down there, it is important that – in order to get the best prices – you book your flight without delay, either on our standard trip (see Flights below)or for a more tailored visit that fits in with your own requirements.

Here are the salient features of the Smartex trip deal:

  • The price Partly because flights are involved, we are pricing our trip in a more modular way, which will also make it easier for you to select a non-standard package. Each component (flight, hotel, local trains to Cannes, dinners) will have a price and may be selected separately or in any combination. The flight price may increase over time, this being the policy of easyJet and others, and that is why early booking is advised. Smartex will add £50 administration fee to each member booking, and £150 for non-members.

[You may have noticed that the volatile £/€ rate is not helping our costs for accommodation and meals, agreed when the rate was much better than now. If the pound remains weak, or gets weaker still, we may have to add an ‘exchange rate surcharge’ to our trip invoices. This will, if it is needed, be kept to the absolute minimum. We’ll do the invoicing shortly before the trip, when we have a better fix on the rate. Please note that we shall not charge VAT on our invoices, which will be sent under the HESCA Limited banner as it is not VAT registered.]

  •  Flights The best flights (which Richard and I are taking) are probably easyJet, leaving Gatwick at 1pm on Monday, 28th November for Nice, and returning from Nice at 9.10pm on Wednesday, 30th November. You may select flight times, dates or airlines different from these. The current easyJet return price is only £67 (plus £33 per hold bag).
  •  Hotel We are staying in a hotel in the centre of Nice, close to the Old Town and a reasonable walk from the railway station.       The price for this 4* hotel, the Best Western Plus Hôtel Masséna Nice, has been negotiated by us at a price of £90 per night including breakfast.
  •  Getting between Nice and Cannes There is a fast, low-cost train service between Nice and Cannes, which can take as little as 20 minutes. Cannes station is about 7 minutes’ walk from the Trustech venue (which is the same place as used for the Cannes Film Festival, by the harbour). We are happy to provide your tickets at an additional cost of £25 per traveller.
  •  Restaurants We shall offer dinner for the evenings of Monday 28th November and Tuesday 29th November. After extensive research and testing, we have chosen a very Gallic small place in the Nice Old Town for Monday: the Carpe Diem - price £45 per head. For Tuesday 29th, we shall dine in Cannes, about 5 minutes’ walk from the Trustech venue, at a lovely French restaurant, Le Relais des Semailles (no website but see here) - price £55 per head.
  • VIP access to the exhibition Please note that the trip price includes VIP access to Trustech. The VIP passes give access to: The Keynotes, the show floor, the main stage where the pitching sessions will be held, and the VIP Networking lounge.       They do not however provide access to the conference track sessions. Conference track session tickets may be purchased in advance from the organisers.
  • How to book If you would like to book yourself and/or your colleagues on this trip, please go to the Trustech Booking Form, and complete and submit this. Note that the cost includes the member administration fee. Non-members will be charged an additional £100 per attendee, over and above the £50 member fee embedded within the form.

Do join us in Cannes if you can!