1st September 2017
A row about ID cards lasted years and cost the UK billions. Then Theresa May scrapped them

From: Mike Duncombe

However, the thing is that a government issued electronic security certificate that could be used to authenticate you online and offline would be really useful.

For example, we could use it to electronically sign documents, thus getting away from the farce of printing, signing, scanning and emailing which is obviously so insecure and prone to repudiation. This would speed up transactions of all sorts that currently rely on a hand-written signature.

You would think that a secure electronic ID issued by the government would carry a lot of trust. It's a pity that people would sooner trust a private company like Thawte, or use a bank card as a means of identification, rather than trust the government.

23rd August 2017
North should 'take control' of transport, says Grayling

From: Mike Duncombe

This is what TfN wants to do - but DfT is not providing the powers that TfN is asking for.

The cancellation of the electrification plans tells you everything you need to know about the government's attitude towards transport investment in the North -at the same time as they spend billions on Crossrail2 and HS2 - both of which will just have the effect of expanding the travel-to-work area for London.

It's almost as if the government has forgotten that this is *one* country - it seems to be going down a taxation and spending policy route that supports spending in the areas that pay the taxes, rather than using taxation for the benefit of all equally. Home rule for a mixed economy North of England seems to be the logical end point, while the South-East joins the world of mega-rich merchant city-states!

10th July 2017
Oyster for the North

From: David Hytch

As pointed out by Transport Scotland there is a commitment in the contract won by Calmac last year to operate Ferries in the Western Isles to implement a smart card scheme for the ferry passenger and freight user by 2019. This also includes a commitment to integrate with bus and Scotrail using the ITSO capabilities on the operators cards.

To that end there is an active programme to go to market this year for the Smart Ticketing and Reservations scheme in conjunction with Transport Scotland, but being lead and managed by Calmac.

27th January 2017
The truth about contactless payment apps

Luckily the article did not come from UKCA, it just referred to it.
From the date format it looks as if it came from the US where they haven't got very far with contactless cards.
As you say, almost all the claims are wrong.  They apply better to contactless cards.
Where I disagree with you is the future of smartphones at POS.  Over the internet they will no doubt expand rapidly, but at POS, & particularly in mass transit, customer take-up is more than disappointing, & their future role less certain.