2019 Meetings


This Forum meets quarterly.  Meeting subjects are selected by the IoTA Steering Group.  Amongst the topics and activities that we are likely to be addressing are:

  • Completion of the ‘dating service’ on the website, to promote collaboration and alliances between the different service providers within the IoT spectrum
  • Introduction of the IoTA Supplier Directory and its marketing to potential users
  • Funding sources and approaches
  • Gaining and disseminating a common understanding of IoT technology, applications, data protection, privacy, standards and security
  • A support group where useful IoT and associated standards can be evaluated and endorsed
  • Providing an environment where practitioners can discuss IoT case studies
  • A networking centre where all types of stakeholders can meet, share experiences and do business together
  • An information exchange for new IoT hardware, security, software and networking architectures and products can be exposed, discussed and understood
  • Development of a clear understanding of the various communications methods and technologies that may be used for IoT
  • Later on, an online forum to enable discussion and debate to continue outside the physical meetings

Meeting Agendas and Dates