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Updated on 25th October 2021

A Smart City for visitors
Westminster City Council
We welcome millions of visitors every year: commuters, shoppers, and tourists from the UK and around the world. Now, we're using smart technology ...

Sydney firm claims leadership in chip development for IoT market - iTWire
Australia could hardly claim to be known for its prowess in the semiconductor sector, yet a Sydney company claims leadership in one niche: development of the smallest, fastest and lowest power Wi-FI HaLow chip with the longest range.

What Makes Smart Cities Smart - Entrepreneur
Today, all this and more can be achieved through artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and cloud computing. Related: Three Ways IoT Is ...

Microsoft 365 will get support for custom ARC configurations - Bleeping Computer
ARC is an authentication mechanism that provides an authenticated "chain of custody" for messages that allows all intermediaries handling an email ...

Does the US Need an AI "Bill of Rights"?—White House Says "Yes" - JD Supra
As to abuse of biometric technologies, ... The RFI seeks to understand how facial and voice recognition systems, gait recognition, interference, ...

Fridge sends annoyed email to owner
Boing Boing
Extremely online kitchens might include devices like a smart egg tray, a smart water pitcher, and even a smart fork that vibrates when you're ...
(Ed. promised no more smart fridge items, but this one is too cool to miss. Now if the toilet could txt his grandson…)

Sunderland City Council and BAI Communications announce new partnership to create the UK's ...
Black Hills Fox
New 5G network will realise Sunderland City Council's ambition to be a digitally enabled, UK smart city leader. BAI Communications will build a ...

IoT Brings Connectivity to Fresh Food Vending | RFID JOURNAL
…Commuters who pass through two railway stations in Germany are using Internet of Things (IoT)-connected vending machines to access fresh, locally sourced food, such as sandwiches and snacks. The solution is being provided by global technology company Glory as a way to bring fresh food products from neighborhood vendors to their customers without requiring a manned store. The solution, which is being deployed by Deutsche Bahn, is an IoT-based cellular-connected machine that cools, stores and dispenses food for customers.

UK-led international summit sets new horizons for innovation
Initiatives agreed by 7 nations at today's Agile Nations conference, spearheaded by the UK, range from improving cyber-security in the Internet of ...

Internet of Things Risks and How to Mitigate Them
BBN Times
IoT solutions are a collaboration of various devices and components operating in sync with each other. For smaller systems like home automation, the ...

Infineon and Picovoice collaborate to bring AI to next generation IoT devices for smart home and wearable applications
Infineon PR
Infineon Technologies AG today announced the company has collaborated with Picovoice to jointly develop an end-to-end voice platform that brings voice AI to edge devices. This collaboration enables smart voice solutions in ultra-low power IoT devices using Infineon’s PSoC™ 6 microcontrollers (MCUs).

Hitting underground pipes and cables costs the UK £2.4bn a year. We need a data platform for that, says government Atkins wins £23m deal to build National Underground Asset Register
The Register
The UK government has awarded management consultancy Atkins a £23m contract to help it get to grips with accidental damage to underground pipes and cables, which is costing £2.4bn a year.

Infineon introduces software support for the Matter smart home standard to accelerate new products
Infineon PR
Infineon Technologies AG …today announced software support for the newest emerging smart home standard: Matter. Many leading smart home products use Infineon’s AIROC™ Wi-Fi®, AIROC Bluetooth®, and PSoC™ 6 MCU products. In this regard, support for Matter in Infineon’s ModusToolbox™ Software and Tools is an important milestone for the adoption of the emerging standard and expected to accelerate the deployment of Matter products.

MG Astor gets ‘Car-as-a-platform’: In-car subscriptions for entertainment, digital payments & more
The Financial Express
Jio's eSIM and IoT solutions will enable MG users to access real-time connectivity, infotainment, and telematics. Customers can use JioSaavn to ...
(Yet another stupid aaS. Ed.)

TREs and the IoT: Enabling a Trusted Connected Future
Security Info Watch
... more commonly known as the removable SIM, eSIM and Integrated SIM. ... a partnership between GSMA and TCA – which defines a standardized way ...

Internet of Things (IoT): Technology Trends identified by GlobalData
Medical Device Network
Wearable technology vendors are integrating a range of health and fitness monitoring options into their devices, aided by advances in biometric ...

Evaluating Technology Support For The Internet of Things
Automation World
But how do you go about assessing the level of support you should expect from a technology supplier for an IIoT project? First, it's important to ...

How Does Data Analytics Help in Smart City Development?
Analytics Insight
The rising number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices distributed throughout the urban environment has the potential to alter our perceptions of how ...

Satellite IoT dreams are crashing into reality
Stacey on IoT
Several IoT startups that have built business plans around combined terrestrial and satellite networks have given up on the satellite portion of ...

The transition of contactless to contact free - with O-CITY
The Paypers
As smart cities are starting to become a reality, faster and more reliable payment methods are needed for the sustainability of transport; Tokhir Abdukadyrov from O-CITY discusses this in detail

AI-Powered Biometric Authentication
IoT For All
It can include facial/voice recognition, iris scanning, or fingerprints authentication. Facial recognition is one of the areas where AI and ML prove ...

IIoT Business Cases | PDi Digital
From industry to healthcare: our technology is easy to install, sustainable, and future-proof. Check out our iiot use cases for details on industrial iot.

How the Internet of Things transformed the solar industry - Perle Systems
Solar energy has taken the lead in renewable energy use for a plethora of reasons, including high consumer demand for renewable energy sources, ...

Infographic: NFC and the Internet of Things are better together
PCM Daily Insights
Near Field Communication (NFC) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are better when they work together. Indeed, the strongest case for NFC is the way it will complement the ever-growing IoT. The simple tap-and-go operation that we see in contactless payments provides an easy way to pair two IoT devices, making it an ideal bridge between other connections like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Glenfiddich taps BlockBar platform for NFTs push
The tokens are offered exclusively through BlockBar’s NFT platform, which enables Glenfiddich to digitise and sell exclusive spirits products as NFTs directly to consumers, whether for personal consumption, collecting, or investment purposes. Upon purchasing the NFT, the buyer can then become the owner of the real world physical product represented by the NFT, with the latter serving as a digital receipt that verifies the buyer’s ownership and the authenticity of the product.

NFTs not annoying enough? Now they come with wallet-emptying malware
The Register
Whether or not non-fungible tokens are a flash in the pan or forever, malware operators have been keen to weaponise the technology. An investigation was triggered after a number of cryptowallets belonging to customers of the largest NFT exchange OpenSea got mysteriously emptied. Researchers at security shop Check Point found a nasty form of NFT was in circulation, one that came with its own malware package

Satellite IoT dreams are crashing into reality
Stacey on IoT
Several IoT startups that have built business plans around combined terrestrial and satellite networks have given up on the satellite portion of their dreams. Most recently, Hiber, a European satellite IoT provider, said this week that it will partner with Inmarsat's new Elera network for the space-based portion of its network, using LoRaWAN for the rest.

Sustainable smart city mobility enabled by Micro and Macro control flow optimisation of ...
Cranfield University
Smart cities have attracted significant attention in the context of urban development policies for a sustainable cities future. Infrastructure and use of new technologies are vital to make a city truly “smart”. Mobility is recognised as a crucial element to support the functioning of the urban area for improved quality of services and life.

Using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for high-accuracy, lower-cost IIoT systems - Smart Industry
From RFID-enabled tracking locators on production assets, to paperless tags and digital instruction manuals that provide step-by-step instructions for ...

AT&T bolsters IoT products
Mobile World Live
AT&T expanded its IoT offer with a service designed to meet the needs of customers requiring long range, low-cost connectivity.

Inmarsat backs up IoT push with commercial study
Businesses worldwide will allocate the biggest slice of their IT budget to Internet of Things (IoT) services in the next few years, according to new research published by Inmarsat.