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Updated on 14th June 2019

ISO standard for the Internet of Things (IoT)
Applying the standard will make the IoT more effective, safer, resilient and much more secure. The "ISO/IEC 30141" standard provides an ...

Farnell eGuide: The future benefits of AI with the IoT
Electronics Weekly (blog)
We consider the current relationship between AI and the IoT, and how this is bringing benefits at all levels. What are the possible future stages of AI ...

IoT Platform for Fighting Climate Change Gains Ground
IoT World Today (blog)
That conclusion, mixed with a certain amount of curiosity regarding the potential of the Internet of Things, led to the founding of the Hamburg-based ...

Integrating IoT with agriculture can revolutionise the landscape in India
India is witnessing the IoT revolution and is being deployed across various verticals including agriculture. With the advancement in technology at hand ...

NXP, Microsoft bring long-term security to the IoT edge
eeNews Europe
In a major collaboration effort, chipmaker NXP and Microsoft will deliver a secure hardware platform for Industrial IoT edge applications. This includes ...

IoT in Financial Services: Roles and Opportunities for Financial Institutions
Mobey Forum
A Report from Mobey Forum's IoT Expert Group ... Over the past years, technological solutions based on Internet of Things (IoT) have rapidly ... Indeed, IoT continues to evolve significantly, solidly embedding itself in our lives, driven ...
(Worth downloading and reading: Ed.)

Helium launches $51M-funded 'LongFi' IoT alternative to cellular
Its transmitters can help track stolen scooters, find missing dogs via IoT collars and collect data from infrastructure sensors. The catch is that Helium's...

Gooee deal brings IoT to 5000 buildings
IoT specialist Gooee has signed up engineering firm Croonwolter + Dros to connect more than 5,000 buildings it manages in the Netherlands.

IoT-enabled UPS systems drive efficiency and business continuity
Intelligent CIO ME (press release)
Marc Garner, Vice President, Secure Power Division, Schneider Electric, UK, tells us about the benefits of IoT-enabled UPS systems in order to drive ...

IoT: Where are we going wrong?
IoT Now
When Jeremy Cowan, IoT Now's editorial director & publisher, was asked to ... And I want to drill a little deeper, to understand why Internet of Things ...

Belfast City Council trials smart technology in city parks
Belfast City Council has launched a 'smart' pilot project in a number of parks across the city using sensors, artificial intelligence (AI) and community ...

Deutsche Telekom rolls out NB-IoT network nationwide in Germany
Deutsche Telekom said its IoT network is now active nationwide in Germany, covering 90 percent of the country and supplying more than 90 percent of ...

IoT devices are attacked within five minutes of being connected
The proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT), with more devices carrying an IP stack, means that attackers can launch 'very nasty attacks' if they can ...

What the internet of things means for democracy
The advent of 5G, with its provision of still faster communications, greater proliferation of IoT and more computing at the edge of a network, presents ...

Could this eco-friendly biobattery usher in era of 'disposable IoT'?
Much of the focus of internet of things (IoT) technology has been on creating devices that require very little power in short bursts, thereby significantly ...

AT&T activates LTE-M roaming for IoT with KPN, Orange and Swisscom
The agreements will enable low power IoT devices to communicate across multiple IoT networks, the carriers said. Additional carriers are expected to ...

Island firm invests in 'Internet of Things' technology business
Isle of Man Today
The Internet of Things is the extension of internet connectivity into physical devices and everyday objects such as kettles and fridges. Embedded with ...

IoT, asset management and transforming the short-term rental experience
But increasingly, property managers of vacation rentals are able to use the Internet of Things (IoT) to not only improve guest stays, but to also generate ...

Telefonica using IoT drone to detect forest fires in Madrid
Telefonica has teamed up with Madrid's Carlos III University, Divisek and Dronitec to carry out a successful trial of an early forest fire detection system ...


Why Every Company Should Be Developing Internet Of Things Technology—And How To Do It
The Internet of things is here, and it isn't going away. For those unfamiliar, IoT is exactly what it sounds like—a network of physical items connected ...

IoT services to reap full benefits of SIM technology advancements
Tech Wire Asia
This is where embedded SIM (eSIM) comes into the picture. ... the agility to operate their production securely from afar with eSIM built into IoT devices.