Updated on 25th July 2019

UK: Gallagher's access control system keeps students and campus safe at University of East Anglia
Seven disparate systems, tens of thousands of existing cards in circulation, new buildings requiring new systems, budget constraints - There are two approaches going forward: keep making it work, or work on a plan to centralise the system for some serious long-term efficiencies. University of East Anglia (UEA), located just outside Norwich city centre, has more than 14,000 students studying on campus, and over 2,000 employees.

IoT business moves into a university tech innovation hub
Insider Media
An artificial intelligence and Internet of Things company is to move into tech innovation hub Future Space at the University of the West of England ...

Mobile Payments On Campus: What Are The College Students Using?
Payment Week
A Sallie Mae / Ipsos study found that 86 percent of college students put mobile payments to use, followed almost immediately by debit cards at 85 percent, cash at 81 percent, and credit cards a comparatively distant fourth at 57 percent. That’s up somewhat from the same time last year, where college student mobile payment use was at 77 percent.

University of York voice biometrics research project receives funding
Aculab has announced the full WRoCAH PhD funding has been awarded for a collaborative voice biometric project with the University...

UK: Gallagher secures University College London’s campus with its access control systems
…UCL’s Security Systems Manager, Mike Dawe explains that while adhering to the University’s culture of ‘general openness’ on campus, Gallagher systems have been introduced as “ a progressive response to the need for more security control on site .” Security throughout the University is managed by the Security Department of the Estates Division, which has responsibility for all the physical locking controls and electronic systems, as well as the provision of the security guarding service.

Contactless locker case study: Gantner a hit at Denmark Technical University
Universities around the world are leveraging smart contactless lockers and the student ID card to safeguard student valuables, and this contactless locker case study illustrates some of the benefits. Spearheading the smart locker trend is Gantner Technologies, with its comprehensive system that includes locking mechanisms, locker banks and backend software.

How Online Universities Take Fraudsters To School
Phone numbers, email addresses, usernames and other online signifiers have become vital to digital identity verification, as the world becomes ...

How Online Universities Take Fraudsters To School
Online universities have become a popular alternative to traditional campus experiences for their affordability and flexible class schedules. However, with tests conducted remotely, how can educators ensure that students aren’t cheating their way to a degree? In this month’s Digital Identity Tracker, Maureen O’Brien, director of evaluation at Western Governors University, explains how the school’s verification process continually authenticates test takers' ID.

Arista Networks expands cognitive campus portfolio
Help Net Security
... and wireless campus edge products designed to address transitional changes as the enterprise moves to an IoT (Internet of Things)-ready campus.

Apps at Arizona that can save a first-year student
It’s indisputable that mobile apps are redefining the way students interact with the college campus. With more utilities being added seemingly by the day, a recent in the University of Arizona’s student publication, The Daily Wildcat, listed seven mobile applications that are must-haves for first-year students.

Wireless access control on university campuses
The evolution from mechanical, to wired, to wireless continues to impact the security industry, and higher education campuses are among the environments benefiting from the flexibility and efficiencies wireless solutions offer. To understand this value, Allegion’s Jeff Koziol explores the advantages of wireless in depth.

A UK University Is 'Fingerprinting' National Archives With Blockchain
The system “essentially provides a digital fingerprint for archives, making it possible to verify their authenticity,” according to project lead at the ...

CBORD tailoring solutions for a ‘Connected Campus’
For those familiar with the CBORD suite, UGryd won’t be a new name. The company’s commerce solution, UGryd is now operating at 250 sites across the country. What is new, however, are a host of features that make expanding the campus card’s reach to more third-party providers a reality.

CBORD’s UGryd expanding reach of campus card
CBORD’s commerce solution, UGryd has added a host of features that make expanding the campus card’s reach to more third-party providers a reality. The new additions to UGryd will be discussed in an upcoming FREE webinar alongside details about how Vanderbilt University is leveraging UGryd to bridge the gap between the university and its local community by encouraging students to patronize partnering off-campus merchants.

Kenyan charity issues contactless wristbands to students for discounted meal payments
NFC World
Kenyan social enterprise Food for Education is speeding up the rollout of its Tap2Eat NFC cash replacement system for subsidised school meals ...

Outrage as Scottish council agrees to fingerprint payments for school dinners
The Scotsman
Furious parents have slammed a controversial school lunch payment system which will see children buy food with their fingerprint - over fears about ...
(Could this be because all Scots are crooks, and a bit scared of dabs? Certainly not: Ed.)

Nottingham Trent University
As well as being an ID card, access card, library card, sport and fitness membership card and travel card; you can now use your Smartcard as a cash ...

Marshall University student IDs now on iPhone, Apple Watch
Other mobile ID tasks include buying items in the university bookstore or in ... The mobile ID works with iPhone 6 and later models and Apple Watch ...

UK: Vanderbilt ACT365 addresses access control security concerns at Study Abroad University, London
…The university wanted a security system to protect their student accommodation; in particular, a keyless system that would grant 24/7 access to its students while also enabling campus security to monitor these activities remotely. Vanderbilt’s ACT365 keeps audit trails of who is in the student accommodation by monitoring and recording fob activity.

School access control does not need to break the budget
On a daily basis, schools attract thieves and unwanted intruders. One report from Teaching Times suggests almost half of UK schools experienced technology theft in the last three years, for example.

You don't need a PhD to phish a Brit university: Nonprofit claims 100% hit rate is easy peasy
The Register
…Published today in a short report (PDF, 6 pages) titled "How safe is your data? Cyber-security in higher education", Jisc's security operations centre chief, Dr John Chapman, reckoned that his people succeeded every single time they spearphished a higher education institution.
(Worth a read: Ed.)