Updated on 27th May 2020

Imperial College London signs £5m campus sponsorship, 5G deal with Chinese comms bogeyman Huawei
The Register
Imperial College London, currently in the headlines for its modelling of the spread of COVID-19 across the UK, has signed a five-year collaboration deal with controversial Chinese tech outfit Huawei. The tie-up, reportedly worth £5m, will see Huawei's indoor 5G network equipment and "AI cloud platform" installed at the college's West London tech campus, as well sponsorship by the Chinese firm of Imperial's Venture Catalyst entrepreneurship competition.
(Imp’s PR department will be doing overtime burying yet another daft plan. Can’t forecast and can’t do sensible deals. Ed.)

Safer campus security with touchless access control, contactless credentials
Not only is this less secure than newer smart technology options, magnetic stripe isn't contactless. Students touch their cards, swipe them through ...

Transact Mobile Credential for Google Pay Now Available
PR Web
Meeting the needs of mobile-savvy students, Transact Campus Inc. today launched the availability of Transact Mobile Credential for Google Pay. First announced in early 2020, students, faculty, and staff can now use their Android mobile phones to easily access facilities and make contactless payments on and around campus.

Creating secure IDs with cloud-based card issuance
Universities are making a shift to cloud-based card-issuance solutions to enable a remote card issuance experience, and redefine the economics of card issuance by ushering in new service-based models. HID Global’s Robin Tandon explains all the ins and outs of cloud-based card issuance.

Education gets smart: how the IoT is changing our schools
New and exciting Internet of Things (IoT) applications are making our world more efficient and connected than ever. We are seeing new and ...

Interview with Nick Earle, CEO of Eseye: “Using IoT to Deliver Greater Connectivity Across the Globe”
We work with global brands and empower them to utilise IoT (Internet of Things) to save company resources, money, and critically, time. We are a ...

IoT news of the week for April 17, 2019
Stacey on IoT
The internet of things doesn't have to solve every problem: We've been hearing a lot about contact tracing using cell phones, or companies putting up ...

New study by G+D Mobile Security reveals decisive role of eSIM technology for IoT
IoT Business News (press release) (blog)
eSIM is one of the technologies that will have the biggest impact on IoT and will push its spread. Over 70 percent of the study participants already use ...

Top tips to safeguard your network when employees are working from home
Economic Times
In most cases, biometric identification is far-fetched for those working from home. Therefore, two-factor authentication, or a combination of user ID ...

How the Internet of Things can Improve Public Safety
Security Magazine (press release)
Internet of Things (IoT) technologies can aid public officials by giving important insights when they need them most. Especially when it involves the ..

IoT system helps contractors keep their distance on the jobsite
Building Design + Construction (press release)
Triax Technologies, which specializes in Internet of Things (IoT) worksite platforms, has launched Proximity Trace, an IoT system that provides social ...

How The Internet Of Things Is Transforming 21st-Century Manufacturing
The internet of things (IoT) is transforming how we live and work in the 21st century. Nearly everyone has a connected device in their home, such as ...

Students invent machine learning device to detect unsafe drinking water
University of Southampton
The Internet of Things (IoT) device analyses water quality in real-time and then reports quality levels by request or at danger of contamination.

HESCA20 POSTPONED until June 2020.

'Contactless education' spurs on online learning amid outbreak 

PRNewswire (press release)
Due to the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), China pos

tponed the start of the spring semester for all schools. As such, classes have continued ...
(Online, or ‘distance’ learning is where it’s at, but may have unintended consequences. Live in China, but ‘go’ to uni in Cambridge? Ed.)

University of Glasgow Seek Technology Partner For £1bn Smart Expansion
Built Environment Networking (press release) (blog)
The University of Glasgow is looking to incorporate smart technology into their massive £1bn estate expansion plans. Michael Burns, Development ...

Polish school hit with GDPR fine for using fingerprints to verify students' lunch payments
A school in Poland has been fined €4,600 ($5,200) for breaching Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) after it was found to be processing students’ fingerprint data to verify whether they had paid for school lunch. The news comes as biometric data harnessing programs around the world spark significant privacy concerns.

Aperio retrofit-ready access control solution chosen to secure Luminy University’s suburban campus
Around 7,000 people pass through the Luminy faculty’s suburban campus every day. As part of a major project to modernise two buildings, university managers sought a retrofit-ready access control solution to upgrade security. University administrators selected Aperio locks to secure doors in the new buildings. With Aperio, facilities staff deal with lost keys more efficiently. The laborious process of changing locks and reissuing keys, part of the daily workload with mechanical locking, vanishes.

University of Newcastle helps tackle farm IoT security
IoT Hub
University of Newcastle helps tackle farm IoT security ... on a research project into the secure management of Internet of Things (IoT) devices within the ...

Santa Clara University gains support for Apple Watch and iPhone contactless ID cards
iMore (press release) (blog)
Students and faculty members at Santa Clara University can now use their Apple Watch and iPhone in lieu of their physical ACCESS ID card, it has ...
(More details for using iPhone NFC on campus – at last! Ed.)

 Contactless Student IDs on iPhone and Apple Watch Now Available for Santa Clara University ...
Mac Rumors
Once a student ID card has been added into the Wallet app, students can use an ‌iPhone‌ or ‌Apple Watch‌ in lieu of a physical card by holding their ...
(16 Unis now doing it in the States. Ed.)

Easy Student chooses SMARTair wireless access control for new student residence, France
…Following a positive experience with the same technology in Nantes, Easy Student chose SMARTair Update on Card wireless access control. Wireless Electronic Escutcheons with inbuilt RFID readers control access through 83 doors at Easy Student Rennes. SMARTair Wall Readers secure non-standard entrances.