Updated on 7th September 2020

Newcastle University cyber attack 'to take weeks to fix'
Romek Security News
Newcastle University has been hit by a cyber attack which is expected to take "a number of weeks" to sort out. It comes after a recent hack on Northumbria University, which affected exams and its clearing hotline. The issue has been reported to the Information Commissioner's Office and police after the IT problem came to light a week ago.

Zyter Introduces Smart Universities™
... health and IoT-enablement platform, announced today the availability of Zyter Smart Universities™, an Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity platform ...

University of York student lands funding for new payment app
…KodyPay is a mobile payment platform that allows users to pay for goods in-stores via their mobile phone without needing to queue, making it a quick and easy process. The app, launched by management school undergraduate student, Yoyo Chang in October 2019, was initially trialled at selected Nisa supermarkets on campus. Now, thanks to a £1.8 million investment from a consortium of high-profile private investors, the platform is currently being prepared to be rolled out across stores located on campus.

school travel with Southeastern the Key smartcard
... ahead of the 'Back to School' rush by encouraging students to register for The Key travel card, an ITSO enabled smartcard from Southeastern rail.

Hofstra needs to explore digital student cards
The Hofstra Chronicle
... the average Hofstra student constantly handles their student ID card. ... begin to slowly phase out physical cards in favor of contactless options, ...

Host of colleges adopt facial recognition, temperature scanning biometric system [USA]
The combination biometric system is called PopEntry+ and a few institutions see potential for it to help ensure a safer return to campus life amid the ...

Back to School travel with Southeastern thanks to The Key contactless card
Students are being urged to register for a contactless travel card with Southeastern. The Key cards are able to be loaded with a range of tickets, from ...

With Help From HUB Parking Technology LNER Contactless Car Parking Is Just The Ticket
Parking Network
London North Eastern Railway (LNER) is introducing a new contactless parking system across the East Coast route, enabling a completely ...

Here are some top tips for pupils wearing masks on school transport
Glasgow Times
…School pupils must allow passengers exiting the bus to get off before they get on, wear a face covering before boarding and must not remove the covering until they have got off the bus. They must sit at the back of the bus alongside other pupils, ring the bell so passengers don’t have to queue to disembark, observe social distancing at all times, pay by smartcard or contactless
(Um, just eight rules then: Ed.)

Mass Biometric Scanning Of Students Is COVID-19's Latest Dystopian Twist
COVID-19 has disrupted almost everything. Most schools in the United States wrapped up the 2019-2020 school year with zero students in their ...
(The USA continues to struggle with the concept of biometric recognition systems: Ed.)

Higher education ready to ditch legacy access control systems for advanced biometric tech
Higher education institutions are migrating from traditional access control system to more advanced, unified systems with multiple application support, finds a survey from access control software provider Genetec and biometrics company HID Global. According to the data, 44 percent of institutions want technology that can be seamlessly integrated with other security systems for all-inclusive campus safety.
Biometrics key for securing company data and keeping workers safe: Fingerprint Cards, CyberLink
Biometric Update
The use of biometrics as part of access control and other workplace IT systems to ensure the safety of data and people in the ‘new normal’ of different workplaces is explored in a pair of recent articles from biometrics providers Fingerprint Cards and CyberLink.
(As Access Control Systems are the most expensive smart card applications at universities – who currently have acute financial challenges – they may not want to ditch them quite yet: Ed.).

US: Colleges in Three States Select BIO-key’s PortalGuard and the Campus.app Digital Portal Solution to Secure and Streamline Student Access to Critical Campus Resources
…Campus is the leading web portal and mobile app software and support services provider for Higher Education. With a team of former university executives and technologists, Campus is rapidly replacing outdated portals with a modern, cloud-hosted platform that reduces costs, saves time and connects college constituents with a personalized one-stop-shop so they can thrive and succeed. Campus has offices in Denver (headquarters), New York and Melbourne, and is the flagship product of Ucroo Incorporated.

Do you know where your Smartcard is?
CCCU Blogs
So, you haven't been on campus since March. Has it been a while since you last saw your Smartcard? Don't leave it until September to try and find it ...

SUSU Student Develops a Global Vehicle Monitoring System
... is developing a global vehicle monitoring system using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and the Internet of things (IoT). The student says, this ...

Suitable photographs for your student ID card
University of Dundee
Examples of good photographs for your student ID card, you'll need to upload these to eVision before you arrive.
(Dundee certainly sets the standards: £15 if you mess it up. Ed.)

Texas A&M implements socially distant student ID card issuance
Texas A&M University has announced new socially distant procedures for student ID card issuance this fall, including online photo submission and ...
(Could UK HEIs learn from this? Ed.)

The Role Of Payments In Higher Ed’s Great Digital Shift
Universities around the world are working 24/7 to devise reopening plans for the 2020-21 school year amid the pandemic, Sharon Butler, Flywire's executive vice president of global education, tells Karen Webster. From deciding whether to hold classes in person or online to getting students to pay up and on time, the challenges are enormous — with payments now playing an even more important role. Here’s how.

University of Essex and Cloudfm join forces to combat Covid-19
Essex researchers will help Cloudfm develop intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) platforms to deliver fast, efficient and automated disinfection systems ...