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  • Transport Card Forum

    The Transport Card Forum (TCF) was established by Smartex in 1997 at the request of the UK Department for Transport (DfT). It is a membership-based association open to all who are involved professionally with transport applications of smart cards and other smart customer media within the UK. The TCF is a forum where members and delegates from the public and private sector meet for discussion and mutual education relating to smart ticketing, smart payment, journey management and reporting, and to the underlying technologies supporting such applications.

    Originally established to assist in enabling the implementation of integrated transport policies as set out in the 1998 UK government Integrated Transport White Paper, its role has been updated and strengthened with the publishing in 2009 of a specific government strategy for smart and integrated ticketing on public transport in England. There have been parallel developments in Wales and Scotland. The TCF meets in plenary sessions 4 times per year. Much of its work is carried out in Working Groups which address issues of the moment and report back to the TCF, often with recommendations for the DfT to consider.

    What our members say: “Everyone who’s anyone in the transport industry is a member of The Transport Card Forum.” Mel Pashley, Ecebs “The Transport Card Forum is uniquely valuable as it delivers instant access to the sector leaders and their wide-ranging knowledge. The Forum is tremendously useful for the DfT as it represents stakeholders in smart cards and in many related areas such as e-payment.” Eric Sampson, formerly Director of Vehicle Telematics, DfT

  • 2019 Meetings


    This Forum meets quarterly.  Meeting subjects are selected by the TCF Steering Group.  Amongst the topics and activities that we are likely to be addressing are:

    • Updates from the DfT and the devolved administrations for current and proposed smart ticketing and payment strategies
    • Establishment of TCF Working Groups for analysis and recommendations on topical issues
    • The continuing development of mobiles for transport applications such as journey planning, ticketing, boarding cards, payment and many other useful applications for travellers
    • The deployment of MaaS and its impact
    • Biometric techniques for public transport applications
    • Account-based ticketing (ABT) and its impact
    • Will the future bring a national account-based central system for transport payments?
    • Monitoring of initiatives and plans for commercial smart ticketing and payment
    • Developing effective Real-Time-Information systems
    • Smart and mobile ticketing and payment on National Rail
    • Exposing relevant technical issues and proposed solutions, for example for bus exit reading & ungated train stations
    • Using tokenisation technology to improve security
    • Pay-As-You-Go in urban areas – multi modal, multi operator, capping
    • Will tickets disappear?
    • Updates on the progress of the ITSO specifications, and of ITSO for Mobiles
    • cEMV contactless card technology and its evolving role in UK public transport
    • Do UK transport operators really want interoperability?
    • The how, where, when, why and what of TfN, and its interaction with other regional schemes
    • Improving the whole-journey experience with smart technology
    • Assessment of winners and losers in the transport contactless payment arena
    • Are beacons or BLE going to happen in transport?
    • QR code deployment is growing, especially in Rail – what is their future role?
    • Case studies from UK LA-controlled and commercial smart transport scheme operators
    • Case studies from overseas smart transport initiatives
    • What do different groups of passengers want?
    • Inclusion of “adjacent modes”: parking, taxi, bike hire, Demand Responsive Transport
    • The impact of good deployment and staff training
    • Commercial exploitation of transport data
    • The ongoing impact of changes in legislation and regulation
    • Ridership trends and strategies/tactics to address
    • The fate of small operators
    • Relevant global macro trends in transport
    • Impact of “disruptive players”: Google, Amazon, Apple…
    • TCF19: Bristol is the location for our annual two-day regional conference & exhibition


    Meeting Agendas and Dates

    • For 2019 meeting dates and agendas please click here.

    The TCF annual two-day Conference & Exhibition

    The journey to integrated mobility

    24th & 25th September 2019

    Marriott Royal Hotel, College Green, Bristol

    Kindly supported by Smart Applications Management

    Following last September’s record-breaking conference in Manchester, we are delighted to announce TCF19, which this time will have as its main theme 'Making technology meet travellers' needs'.

    We shall be bringing together transport operators, consultants, suppliers, cities, Local Government bodies and other industry specialists to explain, debate and understand the current status, challenges and future plans affecting the smart transport landscape.

    This year we shall also be running an in-depth Masterclass on Monday 23rd September 2019, at the event venue.  This will appeal to those wishing to benefit from a highly interactive day with specialists who will explain the range of smart transport operations, applications and products relevant to the traveller of the future.  There will be a charge for attendance at this Masterclass, with discounted rates for Smartex members.  For more details please visit Smart Transport Masterclass.


    • Transport Operators (FREE, terms apply, see below)
    • Local Authorities (FREE, terms apply, see below)
    • Product and Service Suppliers (terms apply, see below)
    • Anyone with an interest in passenger transport and trends affecting the smart transport technology industry (terms apply, see below)


    • Appreciate the fundamental shifts happening in smart public transport
    • Learn from expert speakers about the emerging strategy and tactics for enhancing the quality and spread of smart transport systems in the UK
    • See demonstrations of modern smart ticketing, payment and related products
    • Discover the latest technologies that are revolutionising ticketing, payments and much more
    • Network with senior transport industry officials
    • Enjoy our legendary Smartex hospitality


    Click on the link to view the TCF19 Event Agenda


    TCF19 will be supported and enriched by our sponsors and other exhibitors, so far including UrbanThings (Lead sponsor), ACT a Fujitsu Company, Cammax, Elatec, Euclid, FAIRTIQ, Flowbird Transport, INIT Innovations in Transportation, ITSO, NMI, Paragon ID, Rambus, The ESP Group, The Hub Company, Transmach and Smartran who will be on hand to demonstrate and explain their latest products and services for this sector, and whose generosity permits Smartex to offer free attendance to non-member transport operators and Local Government bodies with transport schemes.

    If your organisation is interested in supporting TCF19 as an exhibitor, please contact Annabel Cartwright on 07785 254405 or  To book your place please complete the Sponsorship Booking Form


    The following will be included:

    • Participation at all sessions on both days
    • Access to all available presentation material
    • Refreshments on arrival and throughout both days, including two buffet luncheons
    • Cocktail reception
    • Free Wifi access

    The following are not included, and if required, must be reserved and paid for by participating delegates:

    • Overnight accommodation
    • Dinner on the evening of 24th September
    • Attendance at our Masterclass on 23rd September


    Our informal evening cocktail reception will be held in the exhibition room on Tuesday, 24th September.


    We are planning our traditional annual dinner, and this will be held after the cocktail reception on Tuesday, 24th September at a nearby restaurant.  Guests will be asked to pay for their own meals, and this may be done in advance with Smartex.  Any particular dietary requirements or constraints should be provided to Smartex beforehand. 


    Attendees at TCF19 (and at the Smart Transport Masterclass) may reserve overnight accommodation at the event location, the Marriott Royal Hotel, at a discounted rate of £134/room/B&B.  To secure this rate, please either follow the Smartex Overnight Accommodation Booking link or call 0800 221222 and quote SMARTEX.

    Other nearby hotels, at a variety of rates between about £90 and £140 per night, are:

    • Radisson Blu
    • Hotel Ibis (Bristol Central)
    • Travelodge (Bristol Central)
    • Premier Inn (Finzels Reach)

    We suggest using to make reservations at any of these.


    Current Smartex members with remaining attendance entitlements for a normal TCF one-day meeting may attend free-of-charge within their membership, and this event will count as one day of attendance, even if both days are attended.  Sponsors will each be offered two delegate passes for the conference sessions.


    • Delegates from invited non-member transport operators and Local Authorities may attend free-of-charge for both days
    • Other non-members may attend at a cost of £200 + VAT per day


    To register your attendance, please complete and submit our online TCF19  Registration form.


    If you have any questions, or would be interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact Annabel Cartwright at or call +44 (0)1440 712610 or +44 (0)7785 254405.

  • Smart Transport Masterclass

    23rd September 2019

    Marriott Royal Hotel, College Green, Bristol

    Following last September’s record-breaking conference in Manchester, we have recently announced TCF19, to take place at the Bristol Marriott Royal Hotel on 24th and 25th September 2019.  Its main theme will be 'Making technology meet travellers' needs'.  We shall be bringing together transport operators, consultants, suppliers, cities, Local Government bodies and other industry specialists to explain, debate and understand the current status, challenges and future plans affecting the smart transport landscape.

    This year, for the first time, we shall be running an in-depth and interactive Smart Transport Masterclass on Monday 23rd September 2019, at the TCF19 venue.  This will appeal to those wishing to benefit from a highly informative day with specialists who will explain the range of smart transport operations, applications and products relevant to the traveller of the future.  There will be a charge for attendance at this Masterclass, with discounted rates for Smartex members.



    Why attend this Masterclass?

    • The emerging smart transport infrastructure is extremely complex, with many of the players having commercial interests and elaborate fare structures not amenable to a national approach. You will learn a great deal about the likely outcomes resulting from current reviews, regulations and technologies.
    • MaaS (Mobility as a Service) is a poorly understood but extremely important concept. You will find out exactly what it is, what its benefits and constraints are, and how it will change the smart transport game in the near future.
    • As ever, technological advances are ahead of our ability to accommodate them. You will gain an in-depth understanding of potential winners, and how they will affect operators and travellers.  You will also gain an understanding of the rapid evolution of travellers’ entitlement and payment tokens, as we continue on the journey from using cardboard tickets, to smart cards and – in the opinion of many – to smartphones.
    • Traditional operator structures, many of which are experiencing a downturn in traveller numbers, could be about to witness a radical intervention from non-traditional transport players, several of whom have more resources and coverage than any existing operating entity. They have aspirations to take over not only the authentication, ticketing and payment processes but also the modes and ownership of public (and private) transport hardware.  You will find out about these disruptors and how they could affect the fundamentals of transport.
    • The session leaders and other attendees for this Masterclass will try to answer the burning questions that you may have on any aspects of future smart transport.

    Who should attend the Masterclass?

    • Operating company staff with an interest in smart public transport
    • Service provider staff needing to understand how to develop appropriate products and services
    • Local Authority officers with an interest in their public transport schemes
    • Government officials, financial institutions, consultants and others who are stakeholders in our emerging smart transport infrastructure.

    Masterclass content

    The day’s agenda will be divided into four main topics, with each having several distinct sessions.  The planned content (which may change for reasons beyond our control) will include:

    1. Scene-setting
      1. Introduction and overview
      2. Mobility trends – the big picture
    2. MaaS
      1. MaaS commercial complications
      2. The MaaS Engine Room
      3. ‘It’s not Business as Usual’
    3. Emerging technology
      1. cEMV: experience to date and future plans
      2. ABT and Mobile Services – ‘The next fight?’
      3. The disruptors: Apple, Google, Uber, Amazon…?
      4. Innovation and the future of mobility
      5. Integration of ticketing with other mobile apps
    4. Q&A and summary

    Masterclass attendees will be encouraged to interact with each other and with session leaders throughout the day, when their questions, comments and views can be addressed and shared to the benefit of all.

    What’s included in the Masterclass package?

    • All-day attendance
    • Refreshments and luncheon
    • Masterclass course material
    • Access to presentation material afterwards (subject to copyright and distribution restrictions)
    • Access to private meetings with session leaders after the conclusion of the Masterclass

    Masterclass attendance charge

    The Masterclass package represents extremely good value for money:

    • For Smartex members: £275 + VAT
    • For non-member transport operators: £325 + VAT
    • For other non-members: £375 + VAT

    Attendance charges will be invoiced by Smartex, and will be payable in advance.

    Attendance at TCF19

    Most of the Masterclass delegates will choose to attend TCF19 over the ensuing two days.  Armed with knowledge and insights gained at the Masterclass, they will be in a far better position to understand and benefit from the sessions there.   

     Overnight accommodation

    Attendees at the Masterclass and at TCF19 may reserve overnight accommodation at the event location, the Marriott Royal Hotel, at a discounted rate of £134/room/B&B.  To secure this rate, please either follow the Smartex Overnight Accommodation Booking link or call 0800 221222 and quote SMARTEX.

    Other nearby hotels, at a variety of rates between about £90 and £140 per night, are:

    • Radisson Blu
    • Hotel Ibis (Bristol Central)
    • Travelodge (Bristol Central)
    • Premier Inn (Finzels Reach)

    We suggest using to make reservations at any of these.

    Masterclass attendance registration process

    Those wishing to reserve a place in the Masterclass or at the TCF19 event may do so by completing and submitting our Attendance Request Form.  Smartex will then invoice you accordingly.

    For full details of the 2-day TCF19 event click here.

  • TCF News

    Updated on 13th January 2020

    Why An API May Be The Ticket To Solving Public Transit’s Cash Flow Jam
    From London’s Underground to NYC’s MTA, transit systems are digitizing ticket purchasing to boost ridership and reduce consumer friction. But most still rely on old-school physical vending to facilitate purchases, which can cause data and cash flow issues.

    Cubic and Moovit partner to jointly develop a public transport app
    Last October, Cubic announced the completion of Sydney's new public transport contactless payments system that saw upgrades to the bus network ...

    Smarter buses
    One opportunity opened up by smart ticketing is mobility credits: loaded onto a travel smart card, these could be used to encourage the shift to public ...

    Contactless payment finally comes to Wycombe's buses
    Bucks Free Press
    Getting buses in Wycombe has this week been made easier - with the launch of a new partnership between Arriva and Carousel. The launch of the ...

    Overground ticket office opening hours slashed
    Times Series
    TfL and Overground operator Arriva Rail say fewer passengers are buying tickets from staff as contactless cards become more popular. But RMT union ...

    South Western Railway could lose franchise after £137m loss ...
    A rail firm has said it could lose its franchise after declaring a £137m loss. South Western Railway (SWR) said it was in talks with the government over the future of the contract, which is due to expire in 2024.

    13 years of waiting for promised national public transport card
    Plans first raised 13 years ago for a single national smartcard to pay for all public transport won't be completed until 2026. What happened?

    New Subsidised Eco-Bus routes
    Cornish Stuff (press release)
    We have it to thank for the fleet of 'posh new buses', equipped with Wi-Fi and contactless technology enabling passengers to pay swiftly using credit ...

    Lothian buses blasted over 'unacceptable' six-month wait for contactless family tickets
    Edinburgh News
    Families continue to be “discriminated against” and are still waiting to be able to use contactless to buy tickets for their children nearly six months after ...

    Smart ticketing and mobile payment: Mobility today and tomorrow
    Open Access Government
    Anne Grünkorn, Managing Director at LogPay Mobility Services GmbH, tells us what we need to know about smart ticketing and mobile payment for ...

    RTC Transit, Now Available on Uber for Riders in Las Vegas
    Masabi PR
    LAS VEGAS (January 6, 2020) – Today, Uber, the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) and Masabi launched Uber Transit ticketing, enabling Las Vegas Valley riders to seamlessly buy and ride local transit – all from within the Uber app.
    …and (Ed.)…
    Starting Today: Buy RTC Passes With Transit, the App With the Most Mobility Options in Las Vegas
    …passes for the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) are now available in Transit, the popular mobile application used by 50,000 residents and visitors across Southern Nevada every month to plan their journey, track their ride, make multimodal connections — and now, pay for their trip.

    SWR refusing to load season ticket bought from competitor onto smartcard
    RailUK Forums
    SWR doing their very best to show why they score so poorly on customer satisfaction today. Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately, our Retail...
    (Absolutely no comment: Ed.)

    Who goes there? Osaka Metro tests face ID tech for taking train
    Asahi Shimbun
    Osaka Metro Co. has started a trial run of a face-recognition system with the aim of allowing ... It is the first verification test by a railway operator of a facial authentication technology in Japan, according to Osaka Metro representatives.

    Travel Swift card used for more than 50 million journeys in the West Midlands
    The West Midlands public transport smartcard Swift has been used for 50 million journeys in the last year – its most successful to date.

    Deal with congestion to speed up buses, transport chief says
    Eastern Daily Press
    Since First Eastern Counties launched its mTicket online app in October 2015 and buses started taking contactless card payments in 2018, 55pc of ...

    Fingerprint Recognition for the Car: Use Cases and Design Considerations
    Electronic Design
    A biometric technology, such as fingerprint recognition, is commonly thought of ... But in the automotive environment, biometric authentication is problematic for ... A face-recognition camera could automatically identify the mother and ...

    D&G Bus set for New Year ticket overhaul
    Knutsford Guardian
    ... Cheshire Travelcard scheme is that we now accept contactless payments on our buses and the number of payments through the Travelcard scheme ...

    Brussels public transport to discourage paper ticket users by raising ticket price
    The Brussels Times
    The Brussels public transport company STIB will increase the prices of its paper tickets by €0.50 at the same time the new contactless payment system ...

    Transport for Wales makes renewing your season ticket even easier
    Wales247 (press release)
    And with the role out of smart ticketing continuing along routes across the Wales and Borders network, more customers than ever before will have the ...

    O2 signs on for 4G trials on London Underground
    It seems like we have been promised the internet on the London Underground for years, and it might well become a reality in the next couple of months.

    Travel payments predictions 2020
    …Fast-forward to the present and we’re seeing a range of trends that re-define how people pay for travel. Here are my predictions for how four trends are going to play out in 2020.

    US: Cubic to Launch First-of-its-Kind Loyalty-Based Advertising Service for Transit Agencies
    Cubic Corporation (NYSE:CUB) today announced its Cubic Transportation Systems (CTS) business division will launch an advertising and loyalty rewards platform for public transportation called Cubic Interactive. Cubic Interactive allows brands to place advertisements within a transit agency’s mobile traveler app and/or physical assets such as gates and ticket vending machines, giving brands access to targeted, captive audiences based on a transit agency’s rich traveler demographic data.

    SEPTA plans Apple Pay, Google Pay rollout for mobile fares in 2020
    Paying for a SEPTA ride could become a lot more convenient for iPhone and Android users next year as plans take shape for the introduction of Apple Pay and Google Pay on fare kiosks. The public transportation authority's board voted in October to adjust its contract with Conduent, the company that manages the SEPTA Key fare system, to upgrade fare boxes and turnstiles with Apple Pay and Google Pay-compatible hardware, a spokesperson confirmed Tuesday.

    Georgia completes trial of facial recognition payments for subway system ahead of Japan
    Georgia has successfully completed testing of biometric facial recognition from Riddletag in the Tbilisi subway system, becoming the first country...

    Check and collect
    With the latest version of the ScotRail app, you can load tickets you've bought online onto your Smartcard before you travel. You can also check what ...
    (Now, where’s that train?… Ed.)

    South Australia app trial for better public transport
    OpenGov Asia
    As reported, the ‘Keoride’ app will enable passengers to order a vehicle, when and where they need it, to take them anywhere within the service area. The on-demand service will kick off in both locations on 13 January 2020 and last for six months. On-Demand public transport services will provide passengers with a faster and more personalised service.

    Has the London Oyster contactless railcard's era ended?
    Transport for London has no plans to phase the Oyster card out. The London Oyster contactless railcard has simplified the way customers pay for rail travel over the last ten years, with the growing number ...

    Apple Express Transit Mode expanding to new networks in 2020
    AppleMagazine (blog)
    It's good news for travelers; Apple Pay's new Express Transit Mode is coming to new networks in 2020, as Apple and local authorities look to ...

    National Park adopts solar-powered P&D terminals for car parks
    Visitors to the Lake District National Park can now pay for parking with contactless technology. The National Park Authority has installed Flowbird ...

    Kids go free on Elizabeth Line from Reading to Paddington
    Berkshire Live
    It's official – Reading is on the Tube map, you can travel to London using your contactless card, and trains will run up to every 15 minutes. From this ...

    Smart ticket fulfilment is the missing link in MaaS, says new whitepaper by ITSO
    Rail Professional
    Smart ticketing is the missing link to a fully functioning Mobility-as-as-Service (MaaS) scheme in the UK, says a new whitepaper by ITSO Ltd, the ...
    The report can be downloaded at:

    £40m overpaid with TfL's peak paper Travelcards
    Evening Standard
    But passengers who use Oyster, contactless or Apple Pay in zones 1-4 would pay £10.10 because of TfL's automated fare-capping system — a saving ...

    National Express Coventry freezing cash bus fares in New Year but contactless, pay as you go and ...
    Coventry Observer
    COACH company National Express Coventry is freezing cash bus fares in the New year in a bid to attract more customers – but contactless, Swift Pay As You Go and mobile app fares are increasing by 10p.

    How Queensland is earning its place among the smart ticketing elite
    Intelligent Transport
    It's fair to say that innovation, customer functionality and inclusivity are the key drivers behind smart ticketing. The Palaszczuk Labor Government's ...

    American Airlines includes NFC passport reading in mobile app
    Passengers flying on international American Airlines flights can now use an NFC passport checking function integrated into the airline's mobile apps ...

    Connected cars and in-car payments: the road so far and the road ahead
    The Paypers
    Today, people are looking to take advantage of new technologies that help them make purchases from the convenience of their car’s dashboard. In-car payment technology is an exciting area of innovation and an amazing opportunity for vehicles to be part of the everyday commerce experiences.

    China launches first no-ticket intercity train line in Guangzhou
    The Asia Times reports that passengers on the 147km line between Guangzhou and Shenzhen just have to scan a QR barcode, and their face, to get on the train. When they arrive at their destination, their face and barcode are scanned again, after which money is deducted from their digital wallet – around $12 at present prices.

    How to Turn on Apple Pay Express Transit Mode in iOS 13
    The Mac Observer
    On Tuesday, London became the latest city to have Apple Pay Express Transit mode. It is designed to help users get through ticket barriers at stations ...

    Cracking open the story of London's Oyster Card
    Railway Technology
    The London Oyster contactless railcard is rightfully hailed as a visionary technological leap in the way passengers pay for rail travel, and throughout ...

    Auckland Airport rolls out new scanners as part of move towards biometric screening
    New Zealand Herald
    ... technology transformation that could eventually include biometric authentication to enable seamless journeys from check-in to boarding the aircraft.

    Apple Pay 'Express Transport' tool helps Londoners hop on the tube faster
    The Sun
    Apple Pay launched in 2014, and allows iPhone and Apple Watch users to pay for things by holding their gadgets over a card reader. It works like any ...
    …To activate Express Transport, simply head to your settings and tap "Wallet and Apple pay". From here, scroll down to travel card and select which Apple Pay card you would like to use as your Express Travel Card. Complete the verification process with a Face or Touch ID scan and your gadget is ready to go. The new system works on any iPhone from the 6S onward, including the SE.

    Labour plans biggest ever rail fares cut to save commuters £1000 a year
    Labour intends to replace the current system with one based on a London model of ticketing, creating zonal rail fares and rolling out contactless ...

    Transport For London Contactless Transaction - Get 10% back every time with Amex
    Good offer for Amex cardholders. Save to Card to get a 10% statement credit on an eligible contactless transaction with Transport for London by ...

  • Ten Reasons to Join Smartex

      1. How will the explosive growth of IoT affect our market?
      2. Smart cards could soon be superseded by mobiles, but how and when?
      3. Which comms technologies, such as NFC, QR Barcodes, BLE or iBeacons could dominate?
      4. What is the national strategy for commercial public transport payment systems?
      5. How will the new breed of challenger banks impact existing Schemes and banks?
      6. Who will win in the emerging micropayment, e-payment, prepaid and m-payment worlds?
      7. Who will win the m-wallet wars, and is there really a future for m-wallets?
      8. How can we absorb and benefit from the biometrics revolution?
      9. Will fingerprint readers be in the smartphone, in the point-of-service device, or both?
      10. When will smart campus schemes migrate to mobiles and adopt biometrics?


    Smartex Forums debate & seek answers to these and other pressing, highly topical issues.

    Since 1993, over 570 of our sector-specific meetings have attracted over 18,500 delegate-days of attendance, with over 2,150 specialist speakers covering the entire spectrum of smart cards, the smartphone revolution, IoT, biometrics, RFID tags, wearables and related technologies as applied to the main smart market areas.  With so many new technologies, applications and form factors on the near horizon, it’s hard to understand or even imagine our industry without Smartex meetings and networking.

    Several of our Forums have become sector-specific, especially for transport ticketing and payment, for University and College smart campus schemes, and for the FinTech market. The newest Forum, IoTA, addresses the huge emerging opportunities relating to the little-understood Internet of Things.  We constantly modify the scope of our Forums to accommodate the ever-changing smart reality.   

    During 2018, some 550 different individuals attended our meetings, representing nearly 300 organizations.  Worldwide membership, covering our affiliated associations in Asia Pacific and Central Eastern Europe, exceeds 220 companies from all parts of our industry.  Networking, and doing business with fellow members and other delegates, not only in the UK but also through our affiliated Forums overseas, is therefore yet another real benefit of membership.

    Annual membership fees, which have not risen for several years, can be as low as £1,100 - for 4 full-day attendances and a wide range of other useful services - which makes £1,000+ for a one-day public conference look pretty expensive.  Can you afford not to be part of this influential group at the heart of these fast-moving and volatile technologies so vital in the new e- and m-worlds?

    Join Us Now

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    Delegate Presentations

  • January 2019.

    Three WGs have been set up:

    WG27 - Smart Integration for Whole Journeys

    WG28 - Developing a compelling Public Transport journey experience for tomorrow’s generation of travellers

    WG29 - Maximising the Value of PT-Generated Data

    If you are interested in participating in any of these, please contact