Smartex has been pleased to receive numerous complimentary messages from delegates and exhibitors following its recent 2-day Conference and Exhibition for universities, held in central Glasgow and attended by nearly 80 key movers, shakers and service providers in the HE sector.

Over 25 short presentations, many of them given by university practitioners, covered the main themes for the event, which were the planning, design and implementation of smart campus schemes, the controlled addition of functions later on, and the impact of new technologies such as DESfire-chipped cards, smartphones and biometrics.  Sponsors and exhibitors were on hand to present their views of the future, concentrating on the main topical areas of access control, less-cash campuses and attendance recording and monitoring.  These and other systems were available for practical demonstration and further explanation in the exhibition room adjacent to the conference.

HESCA17 is already being planned to take place next February/March, with Cardiff as the current main contender.