COVID-19: Smartex Service Delivery Strategy (Updated 1st May 2020)

Further to our previous strategy statement, Smartex has now developed a comprehensive service delivery programme for the next few months, taking the current COVID-19 situation into account.  Plans for this Autumn will be circulated once we have a clearer view of the possibility of being able to return to our face-to-face meetings.  We also recognise the likelihood that virtual capability will be a continuing and long-term additional channel that we shall enable.

As a Smartex member, you and your colleagues are entitled to:

  • Smartexpress, our daily news-and-views email.  This widely circulated, but private newsletter has become essential reading for about 1,500 people in our sector, spread over some 20 countries
  • Access to archived meeting presentations via the Smartex website members’ area
  • Access to commissioned learned articles and other educative material relevant to our Smart Community; indeed we welcome and encourage members to submit prospective material for circulation (please contact me if you have an item to submit)
  • Place advertisements and other notices in Smartexpress and on our website (small charges may apply)
  • Networked intelligence through the Smartex conduit
  • …and now, a full programme of commissioned articles, pre-recorded presentations and live Zoom Webinars that are described below.  Any current member is entitled to have access to all of these.  Once face-to-face meetings re-commence, original member attendance entitlements will resume.

May 2020

  • Pre-recordings (Zoom audio/video recording of a speaker-led PowerPoint presentation)
    • The effect of COVID-19 on the payments market, and an update on SCA
    • The effect of COVID-19 on the future of mobility and digital identity
    • Face-to-face card payments past, present and future
    • POS security and asset management
    • The MIPTA specification
  • Smartex-commissioned articles
    • The future payments landscape
    • COVID-19 will change ‘business as usual’ forever
    • Following COVID-19: how the virus will have affected the mobile payments industry
    • What’s needed for digital identity in 2020?
    • The role of IoT in the COVID-19 era
    • The Internet of Payments: what exactly is it?
    • What does COVID-19 mean for Data Protection under GDPR?
    • What does COVID-19 mean for the future smart campus
    • Biometric payment cards
    • Automotive biometrics

June/July 2020

Live Zoom Webinars, each of a duration of about 90 minutes, starting at 10.30am, as follows:

  • HESCA: Tuesday, 2nd June
    • HESCAPP: a low-cost mobile replacement for smart campus cards
    • Supplier perspective: future of on-campus payments
    • HEI perspective: how to save money and increase attendance with smart technology
  • IoTA: Tuesday, 9th June
    • The role of IoT in the COVID-19 era
    • IoT and MaaS
    • Unravelling the IoT supply chain
  • TCF: Tuesday, 16th June
    • Whither pubic transport?  What role might the DfT play?
    • The ongoing effect of COVID-19 on public transport and ticketing
    • Smart public transport activities in and around Edinburgh
    • The future of multimodal travel
  • TCF: Thursday, 18th June
    • Connected and Autonomous Vehicles
    • Low-cost smart ticketing and payment systems
    • New players entering the transport market
  • SPF: Tuesday, 23rd June
    • Panel debate: Contactless - the tap limit and public health
  • Launch Biometrics Forum: Tuesday, 30th June
    • Forum introduction
    • The move from PoS readers to mobile biometrics
    • Will Challenger banks dominate mobile biometrics?
    • Biometrics and the death of privacy
  • HESCA: Tuesday, 7th July
    • The new world of access control
    • Student attendance recording and monitoring: is it actually effective as a retention strategy?
    • The question of identity: Identity – Credentials – Entitlements

As always, no meetings will be held in August, but content will continue to be added to the Smartex members’ area during this time.


How you will receive invitations and access details

Any pre-recorded presentations or written articles commissioned by Smartex will be placed in the new password-protected Members’ Resource Centre.  You will be notified in Smartexpress and by direct email when a new item is added to this area, and you will of course be provided with the necessary login details.

Live Webinars (currently planned for June and July) will be announced in Smartexpress, and again by direct email, with registration details.  Post-event recorded presentation material will be made available to speakers and to all members (whether they attended the Live Webinar or not) via the Smartex website members’ area – with emailed login instructions sent post-event.

If you have any questions or comments on the above plan, then please do contact me at or Richard at – your feedback would be very much appreciated.

Lastly, stay safe, stay well and we very much look forward to seeing you again in person before too long.  Your continuing support is very much appreciated in these extraordinary times.