'A breath of fresh air' for Gov.uk Verify?


Personally, I like "Verify"; I like the idea and I like the implementation. It, or something like it, is a necessity. £175m is equivalent to dropping a fiver on the floor in the Treasury, and it's something we cannot afford to be without if we are to fully benefit from the digitisation of government and commercial services requiring secure authentication. Only government can lead on this issue because it is unlikely that a digital id service is going to be profitable - after all, it's free in the physical world, so it should be free in the digital world or people won't use it.

A digital identity service needs to be trusted by government and commerce, and preferably independent of both. I don't see why there shouldn't be more than one id provider, but obviously, we don't want too many, unless some scheme of mutual trust can be established. And, very, very importantly, the needs of those without bank accounts, driving licences and passports (of which there are a surprisingly large number) need to be taken into account. A role here for local government, Credit Unions and other non-profit, trusted, organisations.