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EV fast-charging station opens in Sunderland
Charging and paying will then be possible with an EV charge card, debit/credit card, Apple Pay and Android Pay. Later in the year it will also be ...
(This, just about the only charging point up North, will really accelerate the migration to EVs.  Petrol-Ed.)

There are considerably more EV charge points in the North. In 2012/3,  I installed 132 in Greater Manchester, and at the same time infrastructure was being rolled out in the North East that provided charging on street and in shopping centres. What is disappointing around the EV charging market is the ignoring of the lessons of public transport ticketing, particularly on smart, and the mobile world. Belatedly the concepts of roaming and account based management are being promoted by the new entrants, but the legacy EV chargepoint companies are still defending their territory in their interests and not that of the driver or fleet owner.  Again the capability has been working well in Europe, geographically not political reference, particularly in Norway where EV ownership is expanding rapidly. Companies like Franklin Energy are one of the new small and agile companies providing charging as a service by utilising lessons from Smart ticketing, mobile phone and transport ticketing.