Smart Transport Masterclass

23rd September 2019

Marriott Royal Hotel, College Green, Bristol

Following last September’s record-breaking conference in Manchester, we have recently announced TCF19, to take place at the Bristol Marriott Royal Hotel on 24th and 25th September 2019.  Its main theme will be 'Making technology meet travellers' needs'.  We shall be bringing together transport operators, consultants, suppliers, cities, Local Government bodies and other industry specialists to explain, debate and understand the current status, challenges and future plans affecting the smart transport landscape.

This year, for the first time, we shall be running an in-depth and interactive Smart Transport Masterclass on Monday 23rd September 2019, at the TCF19 venue.  This will appeal to those wishing to benefit from a highly informative day with specialists who will explain the range of smart transport operations, applications and products relevant to the traveller of the future.  There will be a charge for attendance at this Masterclass, with discounted rates for Smartex members.



Why attend this Masterclass?

  • The emerging smart transport infrastructure is extremely complex, with many of the players having commercial interests and elaborate fare structures not amenable to a national approach. You will learn a great deal about the likely outcomes resulting from current reviews, regulations and technologies.
  • MaaS (Mobility as a Service) is a poorly understood but extremely important concept. You will find out exactly what it is, what its benefits and constraints are, and how it will change the smart transport game in the near future.
  • As ever, technological advances are ahead of our ability to accommodate them. You will gain an in-depth understanding of potential winners, and how they will affect operators and travellers.  You will also gain an understanding of the rapid evolution of travellers’ entitlement and payment tokens, as we continue on the journey from using cardboard tickets, to smart cards and – in the opinion of many – to smartphones.
  • Traditional operator structures, many of which are experiencing a downturn in traveller numbers, could be about to witness a radical intervention from non-traditional transport players, several of whom have more resources and coverage than any existing operating entity. They have aspirations to take over not only the authentication, ticketing and payment processes but also the modes and ownership of public (and private) transport hardware.  You will find out about these disruptors and how they could affect the fundamentals of transport.
  • The session leaders and other attendees for this Masterclass will try to answer the burning questions that you may have on any aspects of future smart transport.

Who should attend the Masterclass?

  • Operating company staff with an interest in smart public transport
  • Service provider staff needing to understand how to develop appropriate products and services
  • Local Authority officers with an interest in their public transport schemes
  • Government officials, financial institutions, consultants and others who are stakeholders in our emerging smart transport infrastructure.

Masterclass content

The day’s agenda will be divided into four main topics, with each having several distinct sessions.  The planned content (which may change for reasons beyond our control) will include:

  1. Scene-setting
    1. Introduction and overview
    2. Mobility trends – the big picture
  2. MaaS
    1. MaaS commercial complications
    2. The MaaS Engine Room
    3. ‘It’s not Business as Usual’
  3. Emerging technology
    1. cEMV: experience to date and future plans
    2. ABT and Mobile Services – ‘The next fight?’
    3. The disruptors: Apple, Google, Uber, Amazon…?
    4. Innovation and the future of mobility
    5. Integration of ticketing with other mobile apps
  4. Q&A and summary

Masterclass attendees will be encouraged to interact with each other and with session leaders throughout the day, when their questions, comments and views can be addressed and shared to the benefit of all.

What’s included in the Masterclass package?

  • All-day attendance
  • Refreshments and luncheon
  • Masterclass course material
  • Access to presentation material afterwards (subject to copyright and distribution restrictions)
  • Access to private meetings with session leaders after the conclusion of the Masterclass

Masterclass attendance charge

The Masterclass package represents extremely good value for money:

  • For Smartex members: £275 + VAT
  • For non-member transport operators: £325 + VAT
  • For other non-members: £375 + VAT

Attendance charges will be invoiced by Smartex, and will be payable in advance.

Attendance at TCF19

Most of the Masterclass delegates will choose to attend TCF19 over the ensuing two days.  Armed with knowledge and insights gained at the Masterclass, they will be in a far better position to understand and benefit from the sessions there.   

 Overnight accommodation

Attendees at the Masterclass and at TCF19 may reserve overnight accommodation at the event location, the Marriott Royal Hotel, at a discounted rate of £134/room/B&B.  To secure this rate, please either follow the Smartex Overnight Accommodation Booking link or call 0800 221222 and quote SMARTEX.

Other nearby hotels, at a variety of rates between about £90 and £140 per night, are:

  • Radisson Blu
  • Hotel Ibis (Bristol Central)
  • Travelodge (Bristol Central)
  • Premier Inn (Finzels Reach)

We suggest using to make reservations at any of these.

Masterclass attendance registration process

Those wishing to reserve a place in the Masterclass or at the TCF19 event may do so by completing and submitting our Attendance Request Form.  Smartex will then invoice you accordingly.

For full details of the 2-day TCF19 event click here.