TCF19 Testimonials

“Many thanks - it was great to follow Google and I’ve had lots of follow connections from your excellent event.”

“Superb event as always.”

“Thank you for a very good event.  My only comment really is the product placement and ‘I am’ messages in the slides in some of the presentations.  Nothing stopping them saying ’come to our booth later, or see me later’.  It somewhat distracts and dilutes the value.  In most of the other verticals I work in these are verboten and it helps stimulate the overall theme to great effect.  A great community spirit at the event.  Love the messages and debate, please thank Richard also for excellent support!”

“Many thanks for an enjoyable conference.   By the time I sat down after my presentation, I already had four requests to connect on LinkedIn from interested parties!  We also have strong interest for our first trial starting soon.”


“I must admit I was initially a bit sceptical about the relevance to public sector practitioners (TCF19 is an awful title, sorry) and the length…  But I am very glad I did. It was a good mix of technical presentations, policy/strategy and best practice examples, most presentations were interesting and many of the presenters clearly showed that the understood practical implications for the bus and rail, and for industry and public policy.  The sessions were focussed too, and the conference clearly well managed.  I especially liked the presentation on why we fell out of love with the bus...  Now I can see that there is a very important reason behind it, and with the presentation as background maybe Transport for Wales or Traveline Cymru can be persuaded to do something similar.  We had useful discussion with quite a few exhibitors, my understanding is that some follow-up meetings are being prepared and someone… will now also go to the Fairtiq event in London in October.”

“I thought TCF19 was excellent, even with Debbie Magee’s twin. Annabel and yourself always put on a good show.”

"I found the Masterclass session both engaging and educative.  Perhaps occasionally a little too 'yes but' from the floor i.e. negative rather than constructive observation but this was more related to the consultants whose job it is to question any proposition which will never change and is to be expected.

Can I also thank you, Lawrence and Annabel for yet another great conference so professionally put together.  I think we have now exhibited 8 times and we do so because it remains the most informed audience for UK passenger transport service providers as well opens up a future that is going to be both a dynamic as well as diverse future…"

“Being relatively new to the industry, the Masterclass was just what I needed to get a more thorough overview of the market and technology. I found it very informative.”

“Many thanks for all your hard work this week to make a successful event, thoroughly enjoyable and a great place to network with old and new contacts, and had some valuable discussions.”